Growing Up With Big Ears


Did you know you can get an “ear job” for  $3000?   Take a good look at the  little boy in the picture.   He’s wishing his ears didn’t stick out so far from the side of his head.  To make matters worse,  his mom likes to cut his hair short, so they stick out even more.   He came by them honestly- big ears run in the family.   It will be another 30 years before  he feels good about them.  Hope told me the other day she heard that our ears and noses  never stop growing.        At this point, I love my ears.  They are part of who I am.  There is part of me that would like to start a support group for kids  with big ears-  you’d have to have big ears in order to join.   If you know of any kids or  adults  with big ears that  don’t feel good about themselves, have them get a hold  of me would you?   I would like to  be their friend.

Here is a picture of another guy with big ears :

Do you know who he is?  Will Smith.   He’s funny, secure and has big ears.

Then there’s this lady:

Uma Thurman 

Uma  Thurman -  she thinks she’s got big ears too.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking….maybe if enough people with big ears speak up and say “Hey”….there is nothing wrong with my  big ears….some of the coolest people in the world have big ears, maybe we can make a difference.     If you’re starting to bum right now because you don’t have big ears,  I have an idea.   For $3000 you can have them “tweeked.”  Is there some part of you, you don’t like?      Care to share it?

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248 Responses to “Growing Up With Big Ears”

  1. eclexia Says:

    I’ve got big ears. But, women have a lot more alternatives as far as hairstyles go for covering up the ears. Would you believe, of all things, that I was teased incessantly for being too skinny? In hindsight, I think it just shows the fickleness of the “teasers”–the emphasis is more on the “too” than on the word that follows. Any deviation from some vague norm is cause for ridicule.

    About the ears, though. Funny enough, my son (who has very large ears) and I were talking about this tonight after reading a chapter from his book about horses, which talks about their large, very mobile ears and the variety of things horses communicate with their ears.

    And, I’m thinking you’ve solved a mystery for me. I have a neighbor who once commented that I look like Uma Thurman. Well, I had no idea who that was, so I went online and looked her up, and couldn’t find a single picture anywhere that even came close to resembling a single picture of me. To say nothing of, at any given time I wear about 200% more clothing than I saw on most pictures of her…. Anyway, now I’ve figured out the similarity–it must be the ears that make me look like her :)

    I’m glad you like your ears now. I’m a very “as is” kind of person, so I don’t so much think in terms of what I like or don’t like about my body, but just in terms of “what is”. This is the me that I am.

  2. Eva Says:

    I think Steven Colbert is my favorite person with big ears. His are not only sort of huge, but also lopsided. It used to kind of bother me, but then he answered a fan letter about his lopsided appearance by thanking them for bringing up his horrible brush with cancer (something like that… he was obviously lying for effect even down to the faked tears). It was amusingly backhanded and after a while I realized that I’d stopped noticing his ears at all.

    I didn’t think much about it until the same sort of thing happened with a friend of mine who had a broken front tooth. It bothered me for a while, but then I stopped seeing the tooth and started just seeing her. When she finally had it fixed it was weird all over again!

    Personally I’ve got a large, dark mole smack dab in the middle of my forehead, and I always sort of thought, it’s not ugly, it’s just something unique about me. Hopefully the people that really matter will stop seeing a mole at some point and really only see me. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gee thanks – noses keep growing too? Nose jobs cost about $3,000 too. I begged for a slight fix of my nose when I accidentally fell into that brick wall fall 2006. I mean it was knocked crooked – why not shave a bit off the end? I hate my nose. I was teased incessantly as a child. Am still teased. It’s right there in the middle of my face. See it in every picture and every profile. I will trade you for your ears – I could cover those hope with hair!

  4. Hope Says:

    Courtney Cox Arquette also has big ears but they don’t take away from her beauty. Her “flaw” makes her even more beautiful. When I was a teenager, I used to go out with this guy named “Beak”. He had the biggest nose you’d ever seen … bigger than Jimmy Durante. But his personality made him beautiful and I’m telling you girls followed this guy around as if he looked like Brad Pitt. He didn’t like his nose much much knowing that it was part of his charm he learned to embrace it. I have a huge overbite and according to my mother I have a ‘pig snout’ for a nose. Every once in a while, when I’m feeling insecure, I concentrate on my “flaws” but usually I am able to give it up. Eventually, we’ll all see ourselves as God sees us – perfectly made in His image. Seriously, if we met God, would we comment on his ears or nose??

  5. Shalene Says:

    Hi Doug! I don’t have big ears, per se, but I used to get teased that my ears would move of their own volition, out of the blue. It didn’t matter what facial movement I was making, my ears would just move! And they didn’t do it at the same time, one would move and then the other!!! :) I think it’s funny, and I love it. It makes me unique, I think.

    One thing I never liked, though I never considered getting it fixed, was that I have a pointy chin. If I take a picture from the wrong profile, it sticks out all pointy like. I call it my “witchy chin”. Picture the witch from The Wizard of Oz, you know how her chin stuck out even more than her nose? Well that’s what I see sometimes from the side. It’s not so noticeable from the front, but anyway. That’s one thing I would probably change, if I had a mind to change anything. :) Ok, well there is another part I would change, if I had a mind to, but we won’t go into that here. :) Blessings to you!

  6. Mike Says:

    Now you’ve got me really worried about my growing nose!

  7. lawyerchik1 Says:

    My “fatal flaw” is my feet. I wore a size 10 beginning in 7th grade and now wear a size 12. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find lady-like shoes in that size that don’t make my feet look like a drag queen’s? And let’s not go into casual shoes! (Herman Munster is the visual you should be getting about now….)

    (Sigh!) :)

  8. Emily Says:

    You know, I think we ALL have something about us that we don’t like…perhaps it’s ‘big ears’ or maybe a leg that is shorter than the other, but with it all, those imperfections make us who we are…And for me…well, I know this might sound a little wacky, but I have big teeth. When I was a kid, I’d always get made fun of, because it was like my teeth didn’t fit my mouth. I would chew with my mouth open because it was so hard to close it! My nickname was ‘horse teeth’; cruel right…well…thank God for braces! :-) Great post! ~Emily

  9. nymfa Says:

    my baby boy seems to have big ears too! but i’m sure he’ll grow up as secure as will smith. by the way, i want to invite you to get a copy of my ebook on Rediscovering Your Intelligence from my site. it can be read in one sitting and quite relevant for the family… blessings!

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  10. Tara Says:

    When I smile I have more gum showing than teeth! I was the only one I knew with the “problem” until I met my mothers cousin, she and I looked sooo much alike though she was older than my mother! I would even venture to say that she and I looked more alike than my mother and I – she even had my smile! I finally got to see what it looked like on someone else and you know what! She (and I) have a great smile!!! ;)

  11. Alora Says:

    I wasn’t born with big ears but as i grew up they just got bigger! I work at a deli and my hair has to be up so I wear my visor over my ears so noone will see them. I want surgery to fix them but i don’t have the money I’m only sixteen. So instead I’ve tried everything else you can think of including using super glue, it hurt so much. Now i’ve given up on trying to fix them I just keep them covered up with my hair.
    Note from DM to Alora…. I remember feeling the SAME WAY about my ears for years and years….and then gradually as I’ve gotten older and had friendships with people who liked me for who I was….my ears gradually were not such a big deal (no pun intended)….then I began to loose my hair (hopefully you won’t have to deal w/ that as a girl)..and then my ears were even more pronounced…but I would sometimes see actors on tv who were as bald as I, or had ears as big or bigger than I, and they seemed to still be self confident….at some point, I realized I could afford to have my ears “fixed” if I wanted to…I honestly gave it some thought…then realized that I didn’t want to change them…so it’s been a gradual journey to get to this place in my life….I want for you to have the same peace in your heart about your ears as I have now…really, people do not notice them as much as you think..they notice your smile, your attitude, your heart….if you work on those things, trust me, you will forget you even have ears :-) thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! DM

  12. michelle Says:

    i have Huge ears and im 22. its awfulll im still haunted my dumbo. i super glue my ears back when i work and wear hats any other time. i am getting otoplasty done this year. i just wanted any kids out there with the same problem to know, we are beautiful people no matter what. and one day itll all be normal.

  13. hubbub Says:

    guys what do u think if i have big ears and probably my face isnt that clean but i honestly think that i’m good person i act nicely with others so do u think that i have chance to get a nice and clever girl ?

    • JC Says:

      sorry about that lol but yeah i get made fun every single day of my life seriously and have the mnost amazing girlfriend on this planet she is absolutly beautiful in every single way. but im just sayin no matter who you are or what you think is wrong with you there is someone out there that will love you for who you really are i promise

  14. Hillary Says:

    Hello my name is Hillary and I have big ears. Well it’s not so much that they’re big, but they stick out really bad. I have been super gluing them back for years. I have been with my husband for 8 years and I have never let him see my “real” ears. I grew up being teased and I moved to a different school in 10th grade. I swore I would NEVER let anyone see my ears and I’ve glued them down ever since. I have such a complex about them that I don’t trust anyone enough to show them, including my husband. Infact, Hillary isn’t even my name…that’s how humiliating this is for me. I really want to have otoplasty, but I can’t figure out how I would explain the bandage around my head!

    • joey Says:

      hi (hillary) i have the most important thing in the universe to tell u. email me.

      • Kay Says:

        Joey, I’d like to know what you have to say to Hillary. I’ve done the same thing as she has.

      • Adly Says:

        I’d like to know as well Joey… I feel I can relate to Hillary a whole lot…Adly isn’t my name either. I’m currently in the 10th grade. I was called dumbo throughout my elementary years and I just don’t want that anymore, therefore I leave my hair down all the time… even in 100 degrees weather. I’m just to afraid of what people will think especially guys… I mean boys at this age don’t understand and accept me for who I am.

  15. lance Says:

    im 11 i like this relly cute girl but she said she wouldent go out with me or be seen with me because i have HUGE ears i feel very very very bad

    • Danielle Says:

      Don’t feel bad. Forget about that chick. If she doesn’t like you for who you are and get past the tiny imperfections, then she isn’t even close to being good enough for you. I promise you, you will find someone someday who will love every aspect and every tiny little flaw about you and not even care about your ears. I understand it’s hard to go through every day life with your ears because I have the same problem, but trust me, it will soon get better.

      Hang in there!

  16. Michael Says:

    My name is Michael and i’ve grown up with large sticking out ears all my life. I haven’t been teased all that much through my life about it, but I know it has played a part in shaping the way i’ve grown up and the friends i’ve made etc. I also know that many other people may look at my ears and say to themselves in their heads “Poor guy, look at his big ears, why doesn’t he get them fixed.” Having large ears is definitely a challenge to live with, mainly because of self consciousness.

    In my life however there is a paradox about having large ears. The paradox is this… Because of having large ears I have had to live with more trauma, feelings of isolation, fears, feelings of worthlessness etc. But also because of having Large ears I have been forced to grow as a person, and my relationships have become deeper and richer because of it.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Otoplasty or no otoplasty God excepts us for who we are. If we were truly made in gods image, then having large ears must be a part of gods plan.

    So I say this. For those who want to get Otoplasty get it, and for those who don’t Good on you. But for those who choose otoplasty remember your just as human as the rest of us. Imagine a new born child who has big sticking out ears, growing up in a world where everybodys ears are all flat and symetrical. The baby might feel a little ostracized, Little does the baby know that half of the people he sees having symetrical ears were actually born just like the baby and once had big ears.

    Its complicated….. Mental Illness & Schyzophrenia issues I think come into reality this way.

    Life is fragile…

  17. Gareth Says:

    Some people have big ears and look good with them, or the ears stick out or are shaped in a way that looks decent. Mine are sort of pointy, elfin/martian ears – coupled with the shape of my hairline and how short the sides are, I feel a bit spacky or goofy looking. They basically look unsuitable in any situation other than one where I’m trying to be funny.

    And it seems like no matter what I try to do with myself, the parts of myself I can’t change (nose, ears, head shape, hairline, the usual things people get preoccupied over) ruin it or make any attempt to look different useless. I’m stuck. Oh well, maybe it’ll all grow into proportion eventually, or I’ll stop being insecure, or just see the bigger picture and stop zoning in on particulars like people say I will (although tbh I’m not particular about parts of my face that look bad, it’s more like a general mishmash).

    Oh and I looked into surgery (abandoning any prejudices towards that stuff) but it costs WAY too much. Shame, since the people I see getting ‘plastys are the sort who really look fine to begin with.

  18. Ryan Says:

    Hello, my name is Ryan. I am seventeen years old. I too have very large ears, since I was a baby.. the right is slightly bigger than the left. I got them from my father’s side of the family. My hair is worn just below my ears no matter what so I can hide them. Haha.

    My ears are three inches long, lobe to top. I’ve only been called dumbo once in my life in seventh grade, but it left a lasting impression! Like many of you, I too looked into surgery to get them made smaller. My large ears have kept me from my dream of being in the military due to getting my head shaved.. it’s really horrid to have such a fear. Being judged by people for something you never had control of. We are all beautiful, wonderful people.. it’s too bad not everybody can see that.

    • Danielle Says:

      Don’t let that fear keep you from going into the military. I doubt anyone will notice at all anyways, since the people in the military are only there for one thing: to train and serve our country. I have big ears, too, and I have been called dumbo so many times I can’t even keep track, but I am learning to get over this. Don’t feel bad; everyone has something about themselves that they hate, and yours just happens to be your ears.

      Don’t give up that dream! You only get one life to live.

  19. Jason Says:

    Is it the cartoon or elfish nature of people with ‘big’ ears that makes them kinda attractive?? Mine seem average, I just have a problem with my pointy nose lol

    The football player I think shows that big ears doesn’t stop someone from looking cute (he’s a model now).

    Actually on that point, has anyone noticed that many male models have the facial structure of the jaw, ears etc of the guy in that link?

  20. abby Says:

    Hi. I have two extremley large ears that stick way out from my face. Ever since elementary school i have been teased and looked down apon because of my ears. I have been called “dumbo” countless numbers of times. I quit my last job because i had to wear my hair up and i wore my visor over my ears so nobody would see how far they stuck out. : (
    I’m only seventeen, and during the school day I always have to constantly make sure my ears aren’t sticking out. It is so embarrasing!!! People always ask me why i don’t wear my hair up and i always tell them it is just because i don’t like the shape of my face.
    I really want to get my ears “fixed” but I don’t have the money, i’m only seventeen and the surgery is way expensive.
    My boyfriend luckily doesn’t seem to mind my large “dumbo” ears, but I know he wonders if our baby will have my ears.
    His mom even wonders why I never wear my hair up. It is just horrible. I want them fixed. I hate them! I have been so self conscience since I can remember.
    : (

    • Kenda Says:

      I have the same problem… During school I ALWAYS have to fix my hairiv because other wise it will just stick out and sometimes i just feel like cutting it off! Ha seriously ive always been picked on because of it and im tired and sick of it and idk how but my boyfriend hasnt noticed it either or maybe he just doesnt want to say anything and i cant blame him

      • mads Says:

        i feel the exact same way– about sometimes wanting to just cut them off. and this sounds weird but when I hold them back towards my head, it feels so much better. I hate my ears so much. theyre just so big and I look around and 9/10 people have perfectly fine ears, it’s not fair. I think I’m getting otoplasty soon, I have $1500 saved up so far

    • Adly Says:

      I’m going to be entering the 10th grade and iv’e always been asked the same thing ‘why don’t you ever put your hair up?’ :/ and i always lie and tell them i don’t have ponytail holders or what not…. but doesn’t that sound stupid? :/ ugh i’ve just ran out of excuses ….this sucks. I want otoplasty! :/ NOW.

      I once had a huge crush on my neighbor , we would always play games in my back yard. This one night we were playing hide and go seek with all the kids on the block when all of a sudden i started getting hot so i put my hair up. ): He noticed my ears and laughed at me and called me dumbo and told me i should never put my hair up again ):…that night i went home and cried the whole night.. i had lost all feelings for him that night. I still see him around he lives across the street from me we don’t talk anymore. i HATE him. ): what am i supposed to do?

  21. Jenn Says:

    I got my big ears from my dads side of the family >=\
    Same as a post from above… im only 16 and i work in a reasturant where visors are permited. i dont mind putting my hair up, its the fact that my boss doesnt let me put y ears under my visor, so WOW my ears stick out a lot!
    but not only are my ears big, but their curved out, so the side profile of them is weeeeeeeeeeird.. though about surgery? o yes!! but i dont think anyone should get surgery to mess around with what they were born with. plus im afraid of going under the kife =>

  22. nygiants Says:

    oy does anyone know if there are any major sideaffects of super-glueing ur ears down??????

    how often do ya do it????, is there a chance that they could just pop out at any moment cause that would be embarressing. lol

    i’ve reached the final straw, im a male and sick of having rediculalous hairstyles to hide it, oh how i’ve longed to have short hair, i need a reply before i start glueing,

    my ears are really big, as big as you could get, actually, the worst thing is when people say they have big ears and there not even that big, its stupid, mine are bigger than obama’s, yes thats rite bigger,

    i joke it off usually but enough is enough,

    ‘man ur ears are big’
    ‘yeah i know ay, i was approached by nasa the other day and they willing to pay me to set up a satelliite to find life on other planets, they are actually willing to pay me!!!’

    thats always a good reply lol lol

    • Adly Says:

      lol you made me laugh >. “aww you have cute ears, like a little monkey, they are so cute ”

      me :”If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it ok? thank you” *walks away*

      • Adly Says:

        *lol you made me laugh >. “aww you have cute ears, like a little monkey, they are so cute ”

        me :”If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it ok? thank you” *walks away*

  23. molly234 Says:

    Has anyone out here had the otoplasty surgery? Good results? Do you feel better about yourself? I have a four year old girl who has severly large and protruding ears and am trying to find a plastic surgeon willing to help her. To make matters worse, she sleeps with her ear folded in half only to make it stand out more. Pls offer your suggestions. Thanks.

    • Cindy Says:

      Hi Molly,

      Yes, I’ve had otoplasty surgery. I’m not very pleased with the results though. One ear still sticks out and the surgery leaves scarring, that doesn’t go away. It’s been 14 years since I’ve had it done. I had it done before I had to be in a wedding with my hair up. I have since had children of my own and they both have large ears too. I’ve thought about surgery for them also, but my husband won’t allow it. I would seriously think about it before you choose to do it. It doesn’t guarantee to fix the problem.

  24. Robert Says:

    I’m a 25 year old guy with big ears (ears have been the same size since birth lol). So, thankfully my head has increased in size to off-set this. However, I am also balding (currently shave my head frequently with a razor). Which means I do not have the option of growing my hair out and covering them – so I had to just deal with it. Thankfully I have a nice round head and fairly balanced and proportional ears. The biggest thing is just to realize its what you’ve got and work with it.

  25. Sandy Says:


    I have ears that stick out. I only looked into the details of otoplasty this week. I grew up being called “dumbo” and “elephant ears.” I grew up with kids asking me – “what’s wrong with your ears??” or recently, I didn’t give money to a guy on the street doing fund raising, and he had the odasity to make the snarky remark “nice ears” – which was followed by a bunch of his idiot friends laughing. When I was 14 years old, I would tie my hair up in a pony tail, covering my ears!

    Anyway, I decided that I have become more comfortable with my ears in recent years and that the surgery would be counter productive. It is a big waste of money – Just buy a fancy TV or go on a trip! It helps that my parents have always been supportive of my ears (my mom has only one that sticks out – her father always teased her when she was growing up.). Even my boyfriend loves my ears and he tells me that it would break his heart to see them go. (I now wear my hair in a pony tail, ears exposed, most of the time…)

    The problem is not with the so called “flaws” – it is with the attitudes of people. Change the attitudes of people and redefine what beauty is, and we will have no need for these surgical procedures. As far as I am concerned, there are no flaws!

  26. sam Says:

    i have been conscious of my ears since god only knows when. i cant say i have had too much ridicule in childhood, thankfully! however teenage years- with all the emotional roller coaster ride that it brings along. my self consciousness about my ears has become to the point of unbearable. now, 27, it has stunted my confidence and made me shy away from people for fear of rejection. what rejection i dont know? i think of my self as kind and funny person that gets along with everyone. yet my ears seems to completely undermine anything i do and how i interact in life. they make me feel foolish , which makes me unsure of my opinions, my personality and my sense of self in general.
    thats what i have been feeling for many years. but then when i look around, is our physical flaw (if thats the case!) really worth stressing over? and people with such painful disabilities still manage to keep a smile on their face. then its the thinking that counts..
    ive come to the conclusion that its only strength within yourself that makes you overcome such hangups. but it makes me question, am i really that strong?
    however, 6 months ago i had my first relationship that was very serious. and i was so happy that somebody for the first time accepeted me and loved me completely for exactly who i was. yet when we parted ways, he ridiculed the way i looked. and regardless of our reasons for the breakup- that struck me more deeply than i ever imagined. i still joke about it with him, and he laughs it off, telling me to be more sure of myself- but will he ever know how deeply i was hurt by his careless comment?
    which made me realize, that this is becoming a ridiculous, irrational weakness. now, i feel maybe getting them corrected can make me atleast be free of this hangup that is disabling other parts of my life. so that a physical flaw does not start “defining” who i am-but a first step in beginning of accepting myself and finding true happiness within and with others.
    also, i liked the comment about all the kids that find this a problem, it will all get better, you just have to strive for happiness, whatever our circumstances may be.
    i wish everyone the best of luck for the next year

  27. Jamal Says:

    Hello everyone my name is Jamal and Im 17. Having big ears could not make my life more difficult.Everyday I walk through out school hearing people laugh and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was about me. My social life is still fine tho I have many friends I find myself hurt after being joked on every day of my life.Since I am african american there is no possible way to hide my ears other than wear a hood or put a hat on. Even then I still don’t feel comfortable knowing that I can’t show my true self.Big ears has been nothing but a drag on my life.Girls say I’m cute but constantly get reminded of my ears as they tend to stare at me and my big ears just stick out.I know life is supposed to be hard but hard is understatement compared to the emotional rollercoaster I have been on

    • 5star Says:

      Jamal… I too am african american with big ears… but I am also a female.

      To be honest I haven’t really been made fun of in regards to my ears. I am 26 years old and only a couple of people called me dumbo or big ears throughout life.

      I have been made fun of and emotionally scarred more for being skinny than the size of my ears.

      I hardly wear my hair down (it’s always in one or in a bun) and no one seems to really care about how my ears look (not even me)…. I still have hot guys trying to talk to me, so I guess if it’s a real problem… it’s more on how you feel about it than others.

      Take it from me… girls don’t really care about those things sometimes you could be 300lbs and a girl would like you as long as you dress well and keep yourself groomed. It’s all about your swagg and confidence that attracts women (not your ears!)

      The girls are probably looking at you because they think you’re sexy or cute.

      Stop beating yourself up over this… in time you will see that no one even cares!

      In regards to you hearing others making fun of you in the hallway at school… sometimes you need to really sit back and think about what else they could be making fun of… (could be how you dress, your weight, etc.) my point is that it’s not always what you think it is.

    • Jason Strong Says:

      Dude, I’ve thought the same thing…about the laughing…and then i kick myself and think, “I’m such an idiot for thinking that…and even if it was about me, or my ears…why do I care?” …lol, but reading all these posts is a huge revelation!

      Someone needs to make a movie about this “problem” we all share. I’ve felt the same stupid annoying feelings as 100% of people on this page, and its just so cool to hear other people admit that they have this insecurity.

  28. joseph Says:

    hello everyone..i too have big ears that stick out excessively. im not gonna write to much…but i absolutely hate my ears.. they make my life so difficult. i am so self-conscious about them and i can always imagine people laughing at me inside. whenever i am out in public places such as eating establishments or the movie theater i try not to sit in someone elses field of view because i feel they are going to laugh at me.

  29. Sam Says:

    yeh ive had “sticky out” ears, not big but they stick out. one of my ears isnt really formed, hard to tell but u look closely and theres no curved or lumpy bits, im 18 now but had lots of teasing and that, dumbo and im sure u all no. im a boy so ever since i have had long ‘emoish’ hair even though im blonde. just push it to the front of my ear, so really self conscious and teachers always get me to get haircuts constantly and i end up getting only little bits taken off. cus wheneva i was with dad he got a number 3 and i was humiliated for a month. but now after the immuturity of schoolkids and in my final years of school no one has eva said anything ever and i think as you grow up no one really cares cus every1 has flaws and you dont care. there are mean people who like to put u down and that sucks but f*** them. im sure there are way worse things than big ears such as facial burns and acne. though i hav always pondered surgery i feel embarrassed raising it up to mum or dad. shame cus wheneva i wear a hat they stick rite out. JUST A QUESTION DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY SUPERGLUE THEM? Or are u joking?

    • Jason Strong Says:

      haha, i just had to tell you Sam, that I was wondering the same thing…It just seemed such a crazy Idea. I mean, how does that even work? lol

  30. Sam Says:

    and i feel same way jamal, evry time i hear someone laugh i stupidly think its about me. it really stuffs u up socially because you get put down cus of the insults and you sort of wait through a consvervation and hope someone doesn’t go “hey, you’ve got really big ears” cus evry ones gonna laugh and you just sit there and take it, like a wally

  31. Anonymous Says:

    im considered good looking, i have had a few boyfriends and i am extremely cofident, i have giant ears, bigger than will smiths, but when ever i look in the mirror and see my ears poking threw my straight hair, my heart sinks, during sport i cant help but wonder if my ears are showing when i run, in photos i always wonder if my giant ears are sticking out, but i found a sulution, for 1 year now i have been wearing elastic head bands under my hair and over my ears, painful? at times, confident boosting? Very
    i am looking for more tips 2 hide my ears WITH OUT surgery!

    • k Says:

      I’ve been using scotch mounting tape for about two years now. It holds really good. Sometimes it gets painful but its definitely worth it!!! I’m just worried my baby will have my ears and my boyfriend will find out. He has never seen my ears :(

    • Adly Says:

      I am too considered good looking , i was voted most likely to become a model in my school year book and all but the thing is no one has seen my ears. Sometimes i wonder if i would have won if people would have known about my ears :/

      • Amine Says:

        sorry to say that but you may not have. I’m a man. I didn’t ever had long hair so I did lived with the fact my whole life.. its really painful

  32. Jim Says:

    “yeh ive had “sticky out” ears, not big but they stick out.”

    I’m kind of screwed 2 ways from Sunday–while my ears aren’t huge, they are larger than normal(I’ve seen bigger ears on other people, though).

    Also, they tend to stick out a little, if not a lot. I’ve seen ears that stick out more on other people(but their ears are usually smaller).

    As a result, both of these producing a set of ears that got me teased more than my fair share. I try to grow out my hair longer(which I don’t like, since I’m a guy and prefer short to medium length hair), but when the hair gets long enough, it goes into the spacing between my head and ears instead of going over the ear! Doh!

    My big ears have also had a negative effect on my self esteem. For example, I enjoy going out dancing(ballroom, especially), and when I go to some of the local dances and ask women to dance, I occasionally(not always) get glances or odd looks–of course, that happens in everyday life when I’m not dancing, too. But it hurts when it comes in that form.

    (I also have a nose that needs work, since it got hit by a baseball as a teenager–and the cartilage in the nose was still growing, so it doesn’t look totally right).

    And of course, people tease and laugh–it was especially bad when I brought it up to my own mom and dad, and my mom said, “Yeah, you get it from my side”. Yeah, I already knew that, Mom! When I said I might want to get them fixed(even though I’m now in my early 30s), she said, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that!” Easy for her to say…

    As to insults: Yep, “Dumbo”, “Big Ears”(how original!)…”Prince Charles”. I was waiting for the clever people to come up with “Alfred E. Newman”, the character on the cover of MAD Magazine. Still haven’t had anyone call me that. ;)

    All in all, it’s not as bad as it used to be. I’ve even been called “cute” and “hot” by some very good-looking women. So, maybe I can put up with the ears…for now.

  33. nygiants Says:

    im sick of this shite and i know all of you are. with all due respect its probally worse for us guys because we can’t just hide them away with long hair.or wear a headband if your got it tied up.
    i’ve always had longish hair, as short hair is a no go.

    if some1 could invent some sticky substance which you could tab on the back of your ear!!!!!!!

    its not rocket science people, we need ideas not moaning, we’re all in the same boat but im sure we can think of ways to fix it. we’re talking about holding back skin for a few centremetres!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’ve tried pushing it aside and laughing about it but i’ve had enough of the torment. lets not let them kick us around anymore lets think of some way to hold them back.!!!!!!!

  34. THE TRUTH Says:

    peep this man every one has a problem what would u rather it be? your ears? hearing? vision? skin? nose? mouth? teeth? weight? height? how u walk? run? ur hair? every one has to have somthing to make them feel bad but. imagine if u dident imagine if u where super sexy.. den what happens is? ur so attractive u mess wit all the ppl if any u would desire. then u catch a diease r have kids and now u just gave ur self problems. every one has stuff to deal wit just stop looking at urs and look around and youll see ears isent the worst it could be

  35. mylesfromnowhere Says:

    So do the royal family in Britain…. however that is a by product of horrible in-breading that keeps them in power… you take the good you take the bad….

  36. jct2136 Says:

    Hi! I’m a reporter working on a story about otoplasty for under 18 year olds. Would you (or anyone posting to this) be willing to share your thoughts and experience? Please contact me at, if you are. I’m working under a tight deadline, so would appreciate a quick reply. Thanks!

  37. Darren1972 Says:

    Hi People, I’m 36 years old and have hated my ears for as long as I can remember! I am totaly bald and have been for years ! My ears bother me every day I have spoken to my doctor about them but I was turned down he told me to grow up and deal with it (idiot) I have looked into having it done privatley but I dont have £2000 to spare when I wear hats I look stupid, if I wear a beany there are buldges either side where my ears are ! I have been thinking about trying to glue them back but I am a little nervous about what will happen to the skin ! ANY HELP PLEASE GET BACK TO ME

  38. mary Says:

    i am a 45 yr old woman who has dealt with “monkey” ears all my life. its such a depressing thing for me. id love to just wear a ponytail. even with my hair down i lean my head certain ways to keep my ears from poking out thru my long hair if im being looked at. i was happy to run across this site, to let me not feel so alone. ive considered the super glue idea myself, had no clue others had too. i felt crazy for even considering it..thanks for sharing guys! ive read that most of the time protruding ears are caused by the fact that we lack that last fold in our upper ear. if u pinch that upper bowl back, it make sense cause it really makes my ears look normal. in other words, u wouldnt have to glue your ears to your head, just to the back of itself…again, thanks for sharing

  39. Steph Says:

    Hi, Anonymous i agree with you but i wear my hair up all the time for school and wearing a headband is starting to get annoying, sometimes i hear people saying they’re going to rip my headband off, that would be bad.. but just incase that happens i allways have one spare in my bag!!! i really want to not have to wear my headband anymore but i dont think there is any other way to hide them…………..

  40. Joe Says:

    Im 17 years old and have the biggest ears i have ever seen. They are big and stick out. I try to convince my parents to let me grow out my hair but they never listen. I HATE how people come up to you and say remarks like you have big ears or why are your ears so big. I would want to have surgery but everyone i know would still think of me the same.

  41. please help Says:

    i’ve read over this forum and it keeps coming back to me that we are centremetres away from looking normal. can we have some replys about the super glue????? does it work?

    i just hate how we are the butt of all jokes, other imperfections get pity, we get abuse, krude jokes both directly and indirectly and quite frankly im sick of this shit.

    please someone reply about the superglue.

  42. Audrey Says:

    I am 15, and even though that may seem young to a lot of you, I have been struggling… no suffering… with my ears my whole life. I am a girl, and as a child my mom thought it would be cute to cut my hair like a boys. She called it a “pixie cut” and it was definately not helping the whole ear situation.

    My ears stick out so far that I actually look like a primate. People have called me “elephant” or “dumbo” or “monkey”. I have been so used to being called these names that most of the time when I look in the mirror, I actually see myself like a freak of nature.

    I have struggled with anorexia and super poor body image… having giant, poking out ears doesn’t help you to feel beautiful. In fact, I feel opposite of that most of the time.

    I want to have the surgery so bad. Every night I spend a long time on plastic surgery websites looking for good deals and skilled surgerons who could perform it. But my mom refuses to let me have my ears fixed. At one point I refused to eat until she let me get a consultation… that didn’t go over too well.

    The worst part of all this? I am a cheerleader. And I love it so much. Cheerleading is a huge passion of mine, and I’m really good at it. But I actually want to quit because I have to wear a ponytail in public. All of you talk about how you never would wear your hair up in public and how you havn’t worn ponytails in years… imagine having to have your ears exposed like that in front of your entire school. Every week.

    So, PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY ABOUT THE SUPERGLUE!!! I have tried glueing them back with little success. The ability to glue them back would make life so much easier.

    People take pity on people with big noses, odly shaped eyes, and big foreheads. You can loose weight if you are fat, go to a dermetologist if you have bad acne, or get braces if you have bad teeth. Why is it that people with big ears have no alternative, no acceptance, no way out?

  43. ellie Says:

    I’ve got big sticky out ears but being a girl it’s not such a big deal as I just hide them behind my hair…..But my poor little girl has inherited them (!) she is totally bald at the moment as she’s only three months old and her ears are huge & stick out….she looks like a pretty little elf! My ears never really bothered me especially as my mum made a huge point of building my confidence with compliments about the way I look – so I’m going to do that with my beautiful girl. I really do think its the way you see yourself. My brother has big ears too and he’s gorgeous. He got teased when he was younger but now his confidence stops you from ever noticing. He’s always got lots of girls after him.

    This super glue solution sounds really dangerous? Surely it pulls off the skin and gets infected.

  44. Cameron Says:

    I stumbled across this forum and i wanted to add another positive big-ear post to the bunch of less than happy ones.
    I’m 21, my ears stick out and i’ve got a *prominent* nose. I was a bit chubby growing up, and have been teased for various physical attributes for (what seems like) ages.
    I still get a bit self concious when someone makes a joke or pokes fun- but I’ve not only grown to acept who i am, but I like the way I look- I don’t look like anyone else, and if i had surgery i wouldn’t look like “me”.
    Big ears are noticable (esp. on guys w/ short hair like me!) and thats probably what makes people notice/comment on them all the time.
    Really think about whether you need the surgery before you go through with it (and yes, your friends/family/colleagues will notice)

  45. please help Says:

    please can someone who has superglued their ears down tell us if it rips out your skin or not?? is it safe???

    just a few random things
    1. i hate it how everyone says u shouldn’t fix ur ears, millions of people pay thousands of dollars to fix their teeth through braces etc.

    2. big ears are good for one thing only, they make for kick ass stand up comedy.

    3. i hate it how people think their ears are big when they aren’t, my ears are way bigger than people like michael phelps and obama, and george bushs ears are not big!!!!!

  46. hadxenough Says:

    i am so f***n sick of this.
    ppl do not understand what its like feelin like this.
    not bein able to wear your long beautiful hair in different styles
    just leavin it down a hot mess to cover these freak of nature ears
    i am a high school graduate and i am unbelievably angry at myself for not wearing my hair up ONCE in high school.
    yes i know we should all be grateful because we are blessed to hear and what not..
    but its just hard going through every day with this shooting down my confidence
    and in the summer ?
    you wanna go to the pool ?
    try getting your hair wet .
    it sucks

    reply if you want


    • Kenda Says:

      Im fourteen and I totally understand what your going through. Im sick of it and its really depressing. and yeah every time i go to the pool and get my hair wet oh my gosh I try to fix it and at school kids are like how big are your ears and you have enormous ears and I feel TERRIBLE. Im TIRED and SICK of kids making fun of me and me always having to fix my hair every two seconds

  47. Heather Says:

    My stepson has ears that stick out and he does lack that fold in the upper part of the ear. His ears are flat like plates, but do have the rims around them. I came on here looking for a non surgical solution. I do know someone who super glued their ears and they didn’t seem to think it hurt or did any damage. From what I understand, super glue was invented during one of the wars to adhere skin to skin and close wounds on the battlefield without stitches. It can be undone with fingernail polish remover-I had a friend who superglued her lips together by accident while trying to repair some china. She rubbed fingernail polish remover on them and was okay.

  48. curious Says:

    who has superglued their ears before ?
    what is it like ?
    im pondering on trying it but i need a few extra opinions..
    by the way i am a 19yr old girl and i too have “dumbo ears”
    looking for a solution
    do any of these taping or binding the ears methods work ?

    reply if you have ever glued


  49. S Says:

    Im due to have my wedding in about 4months time and was wondering if there was anything i could do to put my ears back rather then surgery as i am worried about the way they wld look with my hair up. Please give me some suggestions.. thanks x

  50. chosen one Says:

    Look, I’m 22, male, got big ear’s and they also stick out. Let’s all stop feeling sorry for ourselve’s and get on with life. I wasted around 18 year’s of my life stressing and freaking out wether people accept me or if I was stupid looking having these ear’s I was blessed with.

    Then one day I decided to accept the ear’s, they are a part of me as much as my arm’s and leg’s. Since then my confidence grew and many girl’s have made comment’s that I was cute, attractive and apart from my ear’s that I have nice eye’s and other feature’s. Some girl’s even find the ear’s cute.

    What people need to do is stop focusing on one feature and see the rest of your image.

    Never forget, people accept you for who you are, go out there and be yourself, be happy with yourself, flaunt your image, don’t ever change to try and fit in, you already do. The younger you are, the better, don’t let this bullshit continue into adult life.

  51. Pete Says:

    I’m 27 years old and had a really hard time getting through school. I have ears that stick out I and totally dreaded every single day of school from 7th grade all the way to my senior year. I’ve heard everything in the book, you name it.

    For those of you out there with the same problem, I can assure you it isn’t as bad as it seems. Being 27, I’ve learned that it’s really not too big of a deal. Yes, subconsciously, I wake up every morning thinking about them. Everytime I look in the mirror, I think about them. I shave my head everytime i get a haircut–for those of you who say you are terrified of getting a haircut, it’s not a big deal really.

    I’ve considered surgery at one point too, but then I’ve came to the conclusion that surgery doesn’t change the fact that the first part of my life with ears sticking out are still reflected in photos and home movies so there’s no sense trying to change yourself. Everyone out there isn’t an asshole. It’s just harder to find people with a good mind these days. You need to be particular in what you want and don’t settle for anything less.

    I’ve learned that if you enhance other features of yourself, your self image of your ears tends to not be as bad as it once was. Dress nicer, fix your hair nicer, get straight teeth….do the basic things that make most people LOOK GOOD. I can tell you from my experience and from half of the pictures people post on here, I don’t even consider them to have big ears….and quiet frankly I’m surprised it bothers them enough to even post here.

    I’m just posting to let you all know that I can feel your pain and I’m with you. I’ve done my own things to help me cope with it and I’ve been fine with it for the most part. If you let it eat at you….it will.

    • Pete Says:

      I forgot to mention…Don’t let people mold you into the imagine they want you to be…

      you be who you want to be and fuck what other people say. If you live your life living in the shadows because you didn’t like a few peoples comments about your ears, then you need to think about what’s wrong with that picture…

      People are trying to keep you down and make you frustrated because it gives them satisfaction. you need to show people that it doesnt bother you and make THEM feel like the weird ones…its just another game in life…

      but DO NOT allow people to mold you into an image you aren’t. be your own person because that’s what YOU want to be, not because people try to keep you down.

  52. LUla Says:

    I hope I help you guys, and people to come, with my “ear story”. I grew up with big, standing out ears… I was not aware about them in my early childhood but as i grew up I became more and more aware of them. Partly because of kids’, comments (dumbo ears, elephant ears…) and partly because at some point, my mother did not allow me to wear my hair up, she didn’t even let me have long hair, so it would be difficul to put it up. I know she did it because she didn’t want people to make fun of me, but I the long run that made me feel very insecure. I remember daydreaming about me wearing pony tails as any other girl… Of course other people asked me why I would never wear my hair up… I knew some of them asked me this because they really wanted to know, but some others did it to tease me, they didn’t realize how actually they hurt me. This ear problem had a huge impact in my life in adolescence. For instance, I wanted to take part in the theater class in highschool, but I didn’t because I was afraid of having to wear my hair if a character or an exercise required it… It also affected my relationships with boys. They would all resemble a platonic pattern, very much due to the fact that I dind’t want to get close enough for them to discover the big secret that was hidden underneath my hair… I was very nervous during any talk that had to do with ears or hairstyles and was very afraid of people getting close enough to see my ears… I remember looking at people and wishing their normal ears… This was bothering so much, making me feel depressed and interfering with my life to the point that I, despite of shyness and insecurity, told my parents i wanted to get a surgery. I was seventeen then. Basically, I told my parents that I didn’t like my ears… My mother was not very supportive in frist times we talked about it… She would say that results were not permanent and that it was not worth its cost…. But in the end, when she saw I was convinced and that I wanted to try. She said ok…. My mother knew a surgeon, who is a very honest and gentle person. She had already operated on my mother for several things she’s had corrected (basically nose, facelift…). My mother trusted this man and she immeadiatly told me that if someone was going to operate on me it would be him… My surgery was performed in the summer and i recovered in about two weeks. I remember feeling a tolerable, but still high amount of pain after the surgery, but it faded in a couple of days. When I removed the bandage I had an incredible reacion: wow my ears didn’t stick out anymore!!!. During the recovery days I made a list about all the things I was going to be able to do after my otoplasty (taking part in theater classes, more sports, having a boyfriend… I don’t remember what else but it was quite a long list… I have since been very happy with the results and I don’t regret it at all…. It is the best decision I’ve made…. it defenetly let me be more relaxed, confident and happy. For me, ototplasty opened a door to many possibilities I had closed my self for, mainly for fear of rejection…. So I do recommend otoplasty for those that want!! … My surgery wasn’t even expensive… I am mexican and I live in Mexico and I, as well as many other poeple here, am surprised because of the enormeos costs of medical procedures in the US. My surgery had then a cost of aprox- 400 dollars… I know that sounds incredibly cheap to you and you may not trust a doctor who would charge this, but let me tell you something. Medical services are way cheaper in Mexicon than in the usa and this doctor in particullar is a very gentle man who charges reasonable fees for his services. So, if money is what is keeping you away from otoplasty, post here your email and i will send you more information about him… He is mexican too, but he speaks fluent english because he lived in the states and his wife is canadian. Of course the cost would be higher than the one I told you, because that was 10 years ago and still it was a low price because the doctor gave us a special fee. But I am sure the Doctor i can tell you about wont’ charge more than perhaps 800 dollars. So if you want more information about him, post your email and I will write you as soon as I see it (i am going to be checking my mail often). Good luck guys, some last words: I unerstad.

  53. K-man Says:

    I’m a boy, I’m 16 and I have big ears that stick out. I like to have short hair, but every time I look in the mirror all I see is my ears.

    I really want the surgery, but my mom won’t let me even though the health insurance covers it, and she’s SOOO stupid.
    But the law states that I cann decide myself if I want to get a surgery? Should I get it now or wait a bit?

    • wiseman Says:

      glueing your ears is absolutely bad idea. do not ever do it. will have tons of side effects + will enter into your bloodstream and may intoxicate you. terrible terrible thing to do. wait with the surgery until you are older. at least until you are 25. if someone rejects you for having big ears, do you really care to be with them as well.???…. it only makes you stornger, so thing of it as a gift in someway. may be hard to understand when you are 16, but you will aprriciate when older. let me know if you think i am right.

  54. Frank Says:

    I am a 25 year old guy with big ears that stick out like ive got 3 heads!!!
    Growing up i never really got picked on too bad which is surprising cos they are very large, i got a few comments here and there and i always wonder if it is cos my ears are so bad that it would be considered slack to pick on me.

    A few bad memories stick out in my mind such as being picked on by cousins, being told i have the biggest ears that someone had ever seen, got asked “do you get sunburned behind your ears?’ and another occassion i got told i looked like an elephant when i was a kid – which i responded to by giving the guy a punch or 2 in the head before running home crying. I even got teases by a 4 year old kid when i was a teenager for pete’s sake! It just felt like everyone was having a laugh at me about them behind my back.

    after that occassion my mum and dad discussed get the surgery with me but i was too embaressed and didnt get it which in hindsight is stupid and i should have just got it done and it would be over with. Then again when i was in my late teens i asked them about it again but i never took it any further than just a quick chat about it.

    In my general life i find it hard to be outgoing as im always self conscious about them, i rarely look people in the eye and i stay quiet so i don’t draw attention to myself. I have a few really great friends who have never ever said anything to me about having big ears and i love them for that. but trying to meet new people is hard cos i am always too self conscious about my ears.

    usually i just keep my hair like a beatles style to cover them up and i usually forget about them, but recently i cut my hair short and they are giving me trouble again. When i go out and talk to people nobody can seem to look me in the eye when i am talking to them and they always just looking at my ears and i am getting fed up with it. Sometimes i just feel like a freak or something and that everyone i meet is thinking “look at this poor bloke with big ears” or “get a load of this guys ears they are massive”

    i am spose to go to a party this weekend but due to my recent hair cut i am looking for ways to get out of it cos i don’t want to go and look stupid with my big ears hanging out.

    a year or 2 ago i told my girlfriend i wanted to get the surgery done and she just said “what? you dont need that” but i am sure she is just being nice and trying to support me. I know one of her sisters laughs at me behind my back about it as well.

    so lately i am trying to work up the courage to go and get a consultation but i get embarressed about it and almost feel like im giving in. I hate the idea of cosmetic surgery but honestly i think me ears are just way too big and stick out way too far to continue living with them.

    so for all my big eared brothers and sisters out there keep your chin up, it could always be worse….you could have my ears.

  55. Nicole Says:

    Hey everyone.
    My ears stick out quite a bit but are more or less normal sized.
    I was made fun of, I was self-consious but I have gotten over it….I think.
    Actually I just questoned myself there because I had my 6 year old son get otoplasty (it was covered by our provincal healthcare system).
    I myself wont be doing it though.
    I don’t usually wear my hair up, but maybe I should.
    A lot of people have commented to me that big ears or “stick out” ears are cute and endearing.
    It certainly doesn’t matter to my husband.
    I don’t advertise my ears but I don’t go too out of my way to hide them, if the wind blows my hair away from them then so be it.
    It’s part of me and if someone can’t accept that they are a huge loser. Everyone has flaws, I’d rather have ears that stick out then a lot of other flaws.
    My son’s otoplasty turned out great though and he looks amazing. I cried when the doctor took off his bandages and I saw how great he looked.
    There are many attractive people with “big”ears anyways like Will Smith, Uma Therman, Kate husdons etc…
    We all know their ears stick out and obviously no one thinks any less of them.
    If you want and can afford to do the surgery do it. If you can’t or don’t want to then don’t worry! believe me it could be worse.

  56. Jackie Says:

    I cannot express how much reading others stories has made me feel better about myself. I am 19 years old, and glue my ears back and have for many years. I do NOT reccommend it to anyone. It is false satisifaction and its painful. I am so ashamed of my ears and have the scars to prove it. Glueing is not a good idea.

  57. Mike Says:

    Hey im mike im 14 years old i also got big ears my self not really big but like they spread out lol im still confident i mean i have gone out with plenty of girls you know every 1 has something they do not like about their self some people say my ears look good with the shape of my head since its oval shaped im just saying is nothing man if people tease tease em back cuz i know how it feels me and my friends joke on each other all the time so is nothing man.

  58. Sarah Says:

    Ever since i was born i had ears that stick out. I’m 15 right now and about 2 years ago my mom took me for a meeting with a plastic surgeon. Basically they would cut open my ears and take out cartilage and i would have to wear a bandage around my head and not be able to do anything that would effect the healing process which included playing sports or any physical activity. After that meeting i realized that if I did get my little flaw fixed it would make me not who i am and hold me back in other ways.
    I learned to accept my ears and be grateful for them cause whenever i look at them they make me think of my silly grandfather, who i got them from. Now i am confident enough to wear my hair back, with a little hair over my ears and nobody says anything. A lot of people even say my ears make me even prettier. Without my ears i doubt i would be who i am today.

  59. allen Says:

    hi my name is allen, im 32 year old male living in los angeles.. i hate my freaking ears,,, i could never get a normal haircutt….. i always have to cover my ears, and it really looks horribble,, i want to get an ear job otoplasty, but im scareddd. i was teased in hs , and im very insecure,, my brother has normal ears and mine are just off the hook ,,, someone just shoot me now ……

  60. Rebecca Says:

    Hi everyone.
    I don’t know how many of you come and use this site regularly but i tend to have a look for any new posts once a month or so. I live in the united kingdom and i absolutely hate my ears, i think ive become a little obsessed to be honest fantasising about what normal ears would be like everyday. I’m not an unhappy person, as far as life goes mines pretty good, and i have long hair that i hide my ears with. But everytime the wind blows my hair, or my boyfreind goes to touch them i flinch. I’m sure he knows but he never say’s anything to me. I have considered having otoplasty done, ive been for a consultation and cried throughout the whole session but at the moment i just can’t afford it. I know it’s easier for us girls, because we can hide them a little easier but trust me guy’s we feel just the same as you, when every single one of your friends can tie there hair back you just feel alienated and soo different, like your being punished for something.
    This site has been a god send to me, i used to think i was the only person in the world that had this problem. Anyway, were all after a cure for this problem without having to spend thousands of pounds, ive tried the glue thing, doesnt work for me and i got soooo upset when trying to do this and failing. I kept trowling the net for some sort of other idea when i stumbled across a website, which had a forum being used by models who had big ears. They were using garment tape (boob tape as we call it here) to stick there ears to there head, i thought surely this can’t work, but as a woman i had some in my drawer and thought it was worth a try. IT WORKS. a rush of excitement ran through me when i seen what i looked like. The garment tape will stick them down for around 8 hours maybe longer. I’m still not brave enough to wear my hair up, but just knowing there not going to stick through my hair or that i dont have to put my head down when the wind blows is great. I’ve started saving up for otoplasty, and will not have it done untill i’m sure ive found the right surgeon but for the time being, i’m going to carry on using the tape. I know it’s not a permanant option but for me it’s the only thing ive found that makes me feel a little bit more confident. I hope ive helped some of you, i know how much of a burden living with this problem is. Some people learn to live with this and learn to like the way they look i wish i could but i just can’t do it. Theres too many self centred people out there that have made my life a misery. Well i’m sorry for going on but i just thought i’d let you all no and hopefully it will work for you.

    • Ellee Says:

      This post really helped me. Thank you so much! I am in the exact same situation as you i know how you are feeling and I hope you save up enough to get the surgery!!!

  61. Owen Says:

    Hi, i’m from the UK and am so ashamed of my ears. i’m 18 and the word ‘ears’ just fills me with utter dread. Not only are they large and stick out, but they are a really weird shape….i mean, i’m freaked out by them on a daily basis, what must strangers feel if and when they saw them. Well, until approximately 2 and a half years ago, i had really short hair, as most boys do. Then one day, i though ‘There’s got to be something i can do to make me feel better, so i grew my hair a few inches, just enough to cover halfish of my ears. For a while, i felt way more confident, then, all of a sudden, i lost confidence, when i noticed that people were still staring at me in the street. It is just so humiliating, i feel like i could die. i never tell anyone about how i feel because i am too embarrassed. Otoplasty isn’t really an option for me, because, they are just too bad for repair, if you know what i mean! i just hope that one day, maybe, in the future, scientists will be able to grow new ears! lol. My social life is non existant, and i feel totally an utterly miserable, all because of the damn ears. i find myself staring at other peoples’ beautiful ears – the vast majority of people have better ears than mine, so that’s a lot of staring!

  62. Owen Says:

    also, to continue, my daily routine is all to do with the ears. it rules my life. at the moment, i’m stating at an university halls of residence, so i get up quite early to be the first in the shower. i do not want people to see my exposed ears, so i then run as fast as i can to my bedroom along the corridor, and style my hair. i wish life was different because i have so many ambitions. also, in the summer, when i’m on holiday in the sun, i want to go to the sea and the pool, but am unable (due to fear) to put my head under the water. my parents were asking me why i wasnt going under water, and i just felt totally alone – they have absolutely no idea. i wish i could change them, but i honestly can’t see what a surgeon could possibly do to try and fix God’s work as it were. I live in fear of the wind and rain, and i fear shaking my head even, because i might flick my hair a little or something. Isn’t life difficult for me? and i can tell you even more! i’ve recently decided that i’m not going to go into the hairdressers unless it is vital, because they always cut too much off. i always tell them to keep the length as it is and just to tidy it up, but they always seem to love to humiliate me. it got so bad, i did all i could not to be seen in public, including, avoiding my cousin’s 18th birthday party. My life feels horrible all the time and i feel so isolated. There is one very good positive however – my ears have made me a stronger person. i have been forced to mature quickly as a person, and i have been forced to cope under very unfavourable circumstances. My life plan, i suppose, is to live all my life in a rural location = less people to see me, and just be a loner, which is not who i am. it is so crushing when you can’t be and do what you want to. i know i’ve written a hell of a lot, but i hope it helps you. i hope you don’t feel so alone yourself now.

    • mike Says:

      Hi, I have the same problem, I’m skinny with big round ears that stick out a lot. I have the hairdresser problem the same too. But I am now 48 and to be honest life is easier, it seems worse when a teenager because you are in secure about so much at that time of life. Also they kind of help make me look a little younger somehow, in fact although single I get loads of dates with younger partners. I don’t hide them under long hair any more, but get a cut which leaves some hair styled around. I thought of surgery but think I’d feel liked I’d given in, lol. It has made me stringer and I teach students and face a class, etc which a lot of people can’t do.
      Funnily I find living in a capital city a bonus. London is so full of different types and races, looks etc that I’m sure I blend in better here than a small town. Things do get easier, I certainly wouldn’t let it stop you doing what you want. The superglue idea sounds crazy and dangerous, can’t imagine it works that well either. Also as you get older people around you mature so name calling only makes them look immature and stupid. Good site as no one takes this as seriously as they should, but would like to see more supportive positive comments. Good look Owen and everyone, it does get easier, honest!

  63. Courtney Says:

    I have big, lopsided, stick-put ears that I got from my dad’s family. He gave me the big blue eye gene and musical-talent gene too, so I’m have nothing to complain about. I never really developed a complex about my ears – yes they’re big, and they do look funny if I wear a tight cloth headband behind them to keep my bangs back, but I wear my hair pulled back without a second thought. Yeah, sometimes I think about them and wish I had small, flat ear like other girls, but I like my ears. They’re part of me.
    I’ve never been-called dumbo or anything like that. My sister calls me “speedy-mouse” because of my fleet feet, quiet nature, and mouse-ish ears, but nobody has ever teased me about them.
    to all those here who feel crippled about your ears – NOBODY WILL NOTICE THEM IF YOU ACT LIKE YOU DON”T CARE ABOUT THEM!! :) Honestly, if you give folks cause to notice your gorgeous eyes or your bubbly personality or your awesome beat-boxing talent, whatever else, they’ll notice that and not your ears.
    Just be you! :D

  64. J.R. Says:

    Trust me on this one. It will get better once you get a little older.

    I grew up with ears that stick out and, yes, I endured a fair amount of teasing growing up. I never wanted to attract unnecessary attention to myself. I was extremely quiet around strangers and newly aquainted people.

    When I began high school that all changed to my delight. In my teenage years people seemed intrigued by me. A lot of girls, really pretty ones, throughout high school seemed to like me because I had this baby face, treated them well, was humble, and I was sort of a whiz kid even though I had a bad boy image (because I wanted people to be intimidated by me and not tease me). I’ve been told by many people in high school I am good looking, cute, nice, handsome, have nice eyes, smart, cool, friendly, etc. I am quite sure they noticed my ears!

    In my college years I gained much confidence because girls find intelligence sexy. Some would think I knew the answer to everything, like I was some sort of walking encyclopedia, which I was definitely not. I was an ambitious dedicated student who could hold a job, go to school full-time, and have a great social life.

    Beyond college, I never changed as I remembered my humble beginnings. Women I dated never knew I was loaded with money. Only a few childhood friends know my secret. (I inherited quite a bit of money after my father died. Also, a very wealthy doctor I had worked for while in college included me in his will because he thought very highly of me for some strange reason.) Fortunately, I do not have to worry too much about money. I am considering a career change as I have been recently unemployed. I can actually pursue my passon for poker without taking significant risks to my bankroll.

    Life works in mysterious ways. It’s hard appreciate the good with the bad when we are young, especially when you feel isolated and depressed. There are some real jerks out there that make childhood difficult.

    I look back on my childhood years and I laugh at myself when I think of being ashamed of my ears. If I had known then that my life would turn out the way it has, then I would have told the teasers to see me now in my thirties.

  65. Mr X Says:

    Male. 29. UK

    My ears have always stuck out. The right one more than the left. When i was living in Thailand I had Otoplasty. It didnt work correctly. So I had it done again same surgeon. Still didnt fix them after 2 bloody surgeries!
    So my ears still stick out!

    Im not putting surgery down i just think i had a bad surgeon! I think im more pissed off about my ears now after than I was before.

    I’ve always been conscious of my ears and they have always effected my confidence but still Im fairly confident. I would be more so though if it wasnt for my ears. I think im now less confident about my appearance post failure of surgery. I now super glue one of my ears back. For me this isnt too painful as i only need a small amount of glue. Works for me,

    Whats very strange though is that I’ve dated many brilliant and beautiful women and never had much trouble in doing so. Models through to doctors. My ears never made a blind bit of difference in my success with the opposite sex. The problem with my ears is internal to me and i know this. Its an issue inside my head as it effects really nothing in my life. But I cant seem to shake it!!!

  66. Haley Says:

    I have ears that stick out. I’m ok with it but wouldn’t mind an ear job one day. Ha. An old man once toldme that my ears were so beautiful god wanted everyone to see them! Ha

    Also Brad Pitt had big ears but got them pinned back! Google image it.

  67. Jon Says:

    Hi guys, I’m 30 M, and hate my ears. They are 73mm long and have stopped me doing a lot of things. I was called satellites at school then grew my hair longer, luckily it is naturally thick but has started to thin now and I am petrified that I will go bald like my dad (he is blessed with tiny ears though).

    I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I am fascinated by ears, it’s the first thing I look at when I meet someone for the first time. I recon about 99.9% of people have perfect sized ears.

    I met my first girlfriend a year ago (I am so shy I never go out and met her on a dating website) she wants me to go surfing and swimming with her but the thought of her seeing my ears with my hair wet just freaks me out so I make up dumb excuses each time. She was looking through my old primary school pictures the other week and said “bloody hell look at the size of your ears!” I went so red it was horrible. If only she knew that under my hair they were just the same as in that picture!

    One of my earliest memories of my ears was actually one of my first memories, I remember catching my reflection in the mirror when I was about 2 years old and knowing my ears were big. How did I know about ear size back then, it still puzzles me now * side note (I think I was reincarnated, lived before etc).

    On the positive side, whenever I get down about my ears – usually after a haircut or after washing my hair. I always think about poor people who have an illness or have lost an arm or a leg and I know that I am lucky.
    I also remember reading somewhere that big ears in some religions/countries are looked on as those blessed with great knowledge.
    I still keep my fingers crossed that in my next life I will have normal ears though – my heart goes out to all those who are affected by their ears. It makes me wonder if there are natural techniques that can be done to shrink ears??? I’ll report back here if I find out anything.

  68. Thierry Says:

    Sticking out ears are sexy ! I love protruding ears !

    I wish I could upload pics of Indonesian TV and movie stars. Most of them have protruding, sexy flapping ears !

  69. Twinky Says:

    Hi! in 14 years old and i have normal-sized, stikky-outy ears! i never really cared about them, i claimed that they helped me hear better, it was a part of me and i accepted it! until my “friend” and my aunt were playfully teasing me about my ears. then i started to get a little self conscious about them. I know that i am pretty but then i wasn’t so sure anymore i could become a model but im afraid that my ears would hold me back!!! i am also a full time gymnast so i always have my hair in a ponytail! for the last year i was able to hide my ears behind pigtails but then people started looking at me funny, 13 year olds “apparently” don’t wear pigtails! i really don’t want to have surgery, so will just continually pressing my ears help? if any one can help could you please put in your input!

  70. ALW Says:

    Hi, my name is Annie Walker and im from England
    Im only 14 and growing up, my childhood was a misery.
    I didnt know the meaning of beautiful because I had never experienced it. Children in the playground would call me ‘juggar lugs’ and ‘big ears’ but believe it or not they were younger than me. I was so excited when I heard about surgery you could have on your ears called ‘otoplasty’ basically where they make a small incision behind your ear and pull it back. Recently I had the surgery. I wish I hadnt, Ive had to cope with such horrific pain and itchy bandages along with not being able to wash my hair for a week. I love my ears now, dont get me wrong but if this is the extremes only children will go to becuase they hate a feature of themselves so much, then something in society needs to change. Bullying has always been a big part of my life, I was bullied for 8 years and finally I stood up for myself last year and made it stop. I think it would be fantastic if someone came up with a fantastic idea of helping children know that they are normal and no matter how much they hate their ears, they are a part of them. :)

  71. Polly Says:

    For years i thought i was normal i didnt really know i had big ears until i got to junior high. Man that was tough i had my hair up the first day and nobody told me anything but when my hair was down my ears would stick out of my ears. People made fun of me so i put my hair behind my ears and thats when people started to say i had big ears. I realized then i had huge ears. Since 7th grade i never put my hair up, i was too embarrased to what people would say. On my sweet 16, a very special day for me, i wanted to cancel it because i didnt want my hair up so everyone would laugh at me and i didnt want it anymore just because of my big ears. In high school i really wanted to be a cheerleader so bad but when i heard your hair had to be up my dreams were crushed. Till this day my hair is always down and it sucks i just wish to have regular ears. : (

  72. Robin Says:

    Hello. My name is Robin and well, I guess it’s the same old story to tell. I’m 17 years old. I feel really bad about my ears because they are not only big, the ear on the right side is EXTREMLY big .
    I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t look people in the eyes, I can’t walk with my head up.

    I want to get this otoplastic surgery but I bet my Moms answer will be no and no, no matter what I say.

    I’ve gained confidence but lost it again. I FEEL REALLY BAD, I smoke and drink daily while my mum is working! IT REDUCES THE PAIN BUT ONLY FOR THE NIGHT : When I look myself in the mirror I can only see my ears.. Somebody help me!

    • Anon Says:

      If one of your ears is bigger than the other get the top of it pierced, put a small plait just behind that ear, then wear a U-shaped bar (such as for a septum, or lip piercing) and just push it through the plait. Don’t put it through while the piercing is still healing though otherwise you will have problems with it becoming infected. It has worked for me for ages, I think my boyfriend knows my secret, but knows better than to say anything. You can then put your hair in loose buns, pony tails, or plaits. Hope this was helpful, x

  73. Kaitlynn Says:

    I have big ears . And they have kept me from doing alot of things like chher and gymnastics in the past because you have to put you hair up . and its not like my hair is thick and easy to cover my ears my hair is thin and its hard to cover my ears .

  74. Dennis Says:

    I got huge ears but it’s ok ill try getting bigger and even it out and superglue sounds horrible i got short hair and like more than 40% of black people I know have big ears too or they think they do too… So a lot of people have big ears so :)

    You can still talk to people it’s not hard but it’s weird when they looking at your ears. I think i have bigger ears than obama but in pictures they look smaller than in the mirror for some reason. If you guys want take a year book and look at all the people . makes me feel better for some reason.

  75. Natalie Says:

    So I been super gluing my ears for like 2-3years now and it’s killing me but I can’t stop because I don’t want anyone to find out about my ears. It’s horrible it’s like eating my ears and it hurts like crazy.I know it’s dangerous but HOW dangerous is it? Please let me know fast.

  76. Tracy Says:

    it is in fact very dangerous, and will hurt your health in unknown and many ways. toxins enter your body through your skin.

    • Natalie Says:

      I know!! But I seriously can’t help myself. I been made fun of my whole life I’ve cried my whole life because of my ears and it really is not fun.

  77. kathryn Says:

    i am 12 i have very big stickey out ears is makes me depressed i hate it also i have not alot of hair its weak n thin n blond so you can sometimes see through my hair my mum said said i could see a docter to see if i could have minor surgery on them it would make me soo much happyer i would be so much more comfident

  78. Chloё Says:

    I’m 14, and I have ears that are – well, they’re not BIG, but they stick out. They’re kind of curved, and they rather embarrass me. My friends tell me that they look fine, that they look normal, but I know they don’t.

    I could never bring myself to have surgery on them, though.

    Sometimes, I get a bit upset about them, but, if I do, I just think of something happy! Put on a cheerful song, think about something funny that’s happened, anything that takes my mind off them! Because, no matter what anyone says or does to you, we are all unique and that makes us each and every one of us brilliant!

    I once heard a saying: The people that mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind. This cheers me up every time :’)

    Much love to all of you :)

  79. Jennifer Says:

    Hi everyone, Im so glad I came across this web page!!! I have had a problem with my ears and people makin every rude joke about them. I cant help how god made me!! Iv cry over wanting to put my hair in a ponytail more then once cause i didnt want to hear the Satellite jokes or if i could flap my ear I could fly and people has told me i hope u dont get caught in a wind storm cause with ears like yours you will get carried away……. Does people not know that hurts so bad to hear things like that?! Well one day I thought enough is enough so I tried super glue (feeling like a idiot and freak for doing it) To me its been a god sent, I know most people on here has said it hurts and its dangerous… might be ……. but from my experience the 1st month it stays sore then after that I was fine. I have been doin it for 7 years and I can wear my hair however I want :) I have done it so long its like its part of my daily routine get up take a shower brush teeth and glue my ears…… Im not telling anyone to do it, but I just wanted to tell you my story and what helped me feel way more confident about my ears.

    Ps: I would get the otoplasty surgery but really who has 3,000 dollars to use on that? when I was living with my parents they would not get it for me because they said you dont need surgery to look pretty. Then when I turned 18 and got out on my own then I really didnt have any money to use……..But if you have the money and can do it I would choose the surgery over gluing any day.

  80. iman benjamin Says:

    hey thanks for this, i copied it to my comp to read at whenever i;m feeling a bit bum abt my ears. But it kinda makes me feel COOL when i read it lol, and confident. I wore my hair to school yesterday, everybody was saying how good i looked with my hair back and i was like ”omg why didnt i wear my hair back for all this time man..!!!” lol anyways thank again.

  81. help! Says:

    As a guy with ears that stick out fully im really self concious and have to hide behind stupid haircuts. my ears are way bigger than people like will smith and obamas as they stick out as far as possible. i cannot believe the stress that 2 things on the side of my head could cause. it makes me sad that 99.99% of people don’t give their ears a thought in their lifes and i spend my life hiding this problem. i have less sympathy for women with big ears because you have countless more options then us men. i have thought about surgery but i feel as though this would be giving in.

    on a final note has anyone tried double taping their ears down. does this even work?

  82. Juliet Says:

    Hi friends,
    I have manufactured a product to disguise big ears. After years of being tormented and teased, I designed and manufactured a wonderful solution. (Not super glue!!) The product really works and I supply numerous beauty shops and hair salons as well as modelling agencies to name a few. Anyway, if you would like to try it I would be happy to supply you. My email address is The product is called ‘Hollywood Secrets’ and is available by mail order at the reasonable cost of $29.95 plus postage. All the best to you, Juliet

  83. help! Says:

    I think i speak for everyone here when i say im a little skeptical of your product Juliet. Kinda like those Chinese creams which apparently cure baldness. If you have truly made something which works i’ll take my hat off to you though.

    please post more information!

  84. DM Says:

    DM here (moderator and owner of this blog) I probably don’t have to say anything but I’m going to anyway. Make sure if you decide to leave a comment on the blog you go out of your way to communicate respectfully cause I will edit or delete accordingly.

    Juliet- I too would be interested in hearing more about the product you mentioned. I could see if you were a girl who could hide something under your hair, but if you’re a guy who doesn’t have a lot of hair to work with, is your product visible to someone behind them?

  85. Juliet Says:

    Thanks for your comments, and yes I don’t blame you for being sceptical. The product is clear and formulated to be applied to skin without causing irritation. The shapes have been cut to fit exactly to the back of the ear and are not detectable, they do not make the ear look like it have been glued to the side of your head. You really only need a tiny whisp of hair to sit behind and so even for guys (probably would not recommend ‘short back and sides’ hairstyle), they are not noticable. I wear mine all the time and I guess you would have to try them to experience their value. I would be happy to send you a sample. Let me know if I can be of any help, I fully understand the frustration of ears that you are not in love with, hence the invention.
    Best wishes, Juliet

  86. carguyswife Says:

    juliet…Hi. Is the product u created an adhesive, or a formed somthing or other? if so, are they reusable? how many uses do u get for $30? im very interested in your product, but dont want to order somthing im not sure what it even is. do u have a website so i can see more about it? i would LOVE and actual solution! thanks in advance!! everyone have a great day!

  87. Juliet Says:

    Hello Carguyswife and other interested friends,
    No the product is not reusable but they stay on for up to a week. You may decide to only wear them when you want to wear your hair behind your ears etc. There are forty in packet. If you like, I can send a sample for you to try first. Let me know if I can help. I do not have a web site but am thinking of setting one up soon. Have a great day too.

  88. help! Says:

    Hey Juliet, love what you’ve done it’s just unfortunate that it doesn’t idealy suit us guys who want short hair. Is there any chance that you could post a link to a picture of your product.

  89. Juliet Says:

    Hi ‘help!,
    Have you considered wearing your hair a fraction longer. You really only need a few strands if any. I don’t have a picture but could send a sample. Will have to get a web page up and going. Thanks for your thoughts. best wishes

  90. Bob Says:

    Hi all,

    I locked myself away for about 3 years, abusing weed for about 1 year in between because of my look and other personal issues but the main one being my look. Not being able to go out without been looked at differently. My ears stick out, there huge not cute. I have to wear a beanie but the hat just flexes out as my ears wont stay in, natural I know but its a pain. I was thinking of getting a bandana to wear under the beanie so it acts as support if that makes sense. About 3 months ago, I had enough and tried to get out and got myself into training but my look/appearance was my downfall, again being teased, looked at differently, it gets to you after a while so i ended up giving in and not going in which is where I’m at now… rock bottom again! I’m 19, been off weed for about a year and a half, best thing I done but I don’t like living off my parents, I want to make them proud, do something with myself! but its the constant crap thats in between thats stopping me from doing it. I know no one is perfect but visible things are much more easier to spot than things that are pretty much discrete. I don’t want to go on benefits as that will probably just finish me off once and for all, and neither do I want to live off my parents. After basically pushing everyone away and becoming really distant from family, friends etc. I don’t get paranoid when I go out but its not how it use to be. I can deal with it, with the beanie on that is, but I seriously just want it to end, the ear issue! I don’t want to use glue as some have mentioned in here, would a bandana work? one with a tie around the edge to tighten it, then wear a beanie on top? I live in the UK, my doctor tells me I can’t get any treatment for ears on the NHS and with the summer coming, I can’t really go out with a beanie on, I’ll look stupid… that said, my ears look stupid, there massive!! Help please

    • randomperson Says:

      dude you sound way too much like me, except now i have kinda long hair but i HATE it, and my parents say oooo you look good with your hair long but i believe their just saying that because if i cut my hair short every1 will see my ears and they know that, I just wish they would come out and say it and agree with me. But ofcourse because they are my parents they will deny it. Im tired of having long hair im 19 years old and I should be able to wear my hair how ever the **** i want it!!! So i think in a few more weeks im dumping my bank account out and spending the 3,000plus to get otoplasty. its so ridiculous that I have to have plastic surgery at age 19 but it HAS TO BE DONE THEIRS NO WAY AROUND BIG EARS I HATE IT MY EARS HAVE MADE ME SUICIDAL MANY TIMES IM GETTING THIS DONE SO I CAN FINALLY LIVE HAPPY AND STOP AVOIDING MY BEST FRIENDS HOPEFULLY AFTER 3 YEARS OF NOT ANSWERING THEIR PHONE CALLS THEY WILL STILL BE WILLING TO HANG OUT WITH ME I KNOW THE HARDEST PART WILL BE WHEN IM SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM AND I GO IN AND ACTUALLY HAVE TO ADMIT TO SOMEONE (DOCTOR) THAT I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH MY BODY AND HE EVALUATES MY EARS IM PROBABLY GOING TO START CRYING EVERYONE WISH ME LUCK FOR THE BIGGEST AND HARDEST MONTH OF MY LIFE

  91. help! Says:

    Hi Juliet,
    Say I had a shaved head (which I don’t) and wore your product, what would someone behind me actually see if they looked kinda closely.

  92. Sample Says:

    Could you please send me a sample of this product please. I’d be interested in buying the product if works for me.

    Also you deleted my last post, I was hoping for help but didn’t realise you had a product, apologies.

  93. Juliet Says:

    Hi Bob,
    No you would not see them as the product is directly behind your ear.

    To Sample: Hello, be happy to send sample. Not sure how I managed to delete your post, but sorry! Email your address
    I live is Australia so will not be overnight delivery!!
    Juliet, (DM here/ blog owner) thanks for taking the time to reply to all of these questions, and secondly, you didn’t delete a comment ;-) I had just not approved his first one yet before his second one came in, so he thought it had been deleted. I moderate all first time comments and also keep an eye on the tone of discussions in general. I loath disrespectful comments when I read them on the Internet and will not tolerate them on my little corner of cyberspace. thanks again! g-nite! DM

  94. Juliet Says:

    Hello Bob,
    Firstly, its fantastic that you gave weed the flick, good move! A bandana in summer would look great and if I were you, I would be concentrating on your good points to draw attention away from your ears. A great personality and smile is accessable to you right away. Also the way you dress, manners etc to name a few. I think you are going to have to start from the inside first. Start to love yourself exactly the way you are. Some people have the cutest and smallest ears but they can’t hear. I know what I would rather. There is a fantastic book called ‘The Power of your subconscious mind’ by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Read this book and it will change your life in every area – jobs, relationships, life goals etc. I do have a product to help disguise your ears (see above posts) but you may find that once you get your thinking right (read the book!) you may change your mind or opt for surgery etc. I understand your pain but you are young and have a wonderful life ahead. Start within, the rest will fall into place, I promise you. Take care and let me know if I can help further.
    Best wishes,

  95. help! Says:

    hey Juliet, sorry about the interrogation i’ve got just a few ?’s left.

    You said before that the product stays on for up to a week. Are there warning signs that the product is going to come off. Because it would be embarrassing for the product to come off when your at work or something.

    Finally, you also said that there are 40 in a pack. Does that mean approx 40 weeks worth for both ears or is that 20 for one ear and 20 for the other?

    I appreciate the timely replys, thanks agian.

  96. Samantha Says:

    My big ears ruined my life. Im always being teased about it by strangers, friends and family. I dont want to have surgery or anything but i’ve lost my self esteem aswell. What can i do?

  97. Juliet Says:

    Hi Help,
    Sorry for late reply but have been off the air. There would be 20 for each ear. You pretty much know when they are starting to loose a bit of grip and keep a spare in case you have to replace. Probably best to try them and experience for yourself their convenience.
    Best wishes, Juliet

  98. Samuel Says:

    I too have big ears kinda feel a bit weird admitting it as i never have admitted it before and as i type this feel a bit better, but anyway my ears stick out and point but as i was younger i learned something where i can tense my ears so they dont stick out so much! i wonder how id look today O.o hmm, anyway i havent really had much teasing as a kid other than the few dumbo name calling etc.. im now 18 and i cant say ive ever had problems with girls EVER! infact quite the opposite, also have a gf atm who loves me to bit but i want to shave my hair really bad but dont think ill suit it.

  99. Charles Says:

    Hello, its heartening to read that so many others have gone through the same torments and being called the same names as I was as a kid.

    For the first eight year of my life, kids up and down the street had one name for me; “Big Ears” I was a sensitive kid with issues already, without having ears that stuck out, but hearing those names, getting called those names, there is still a lot of emotional baggage from that time in my life that I have to come to grips with.

    I had an otoplasty when I was eight. No one ever knew afterward, unless I told them. Helps that I moved schools and then moved out of state as well, but it would have been really nice not to be so self conscious and terrified of going to school every day because of what the other kids would say.

    My parents were pretty helpful in getting me the surgery, but the support wasn’t there, and to this day, they have no idea how bad it was, they shrug me off and tell me to get over it. I would love for karma to treat the really caustic little jerks that make fun of kids with big ears, by giving them HUGE ears in the next life. Maybe they’ll learn something.

  100. Jackie Says:

    Hey Juliet
    I was wondering if you still had some of your product?

  101. brian Says:

    I also will join your guys club except that my hair covers my ears so nobody can see them. I feel that if you have them, so what. Who cares? I really dont think a girl that cares about your ears should be with you cause that proves that she just likes looks. I would rather be with a fat ugly nice girl than a pretty chick that is upset about looks.

  102. Conor Says:

    Being born with big ears can be pretty hard for kids. I was never teased, however I grew my hair out right around the time kids starting noticing differences barely anybody even knows about my ears. The only problem I have with them is being that the fact that the majority would consider me attractive and that’s pretty much all of my confidence. I’m terrified to cut my hair off.

  103. BC Says:

    I am 30 years old and will be getting Otoplasty next week. I almost gave up a job in the military because of the requirements for womens’ hair. I ended up joining and had to figure out some way to cover them up so I cut my long red hair to cover my ears. It was a hard decision to cut my prized hair to cover my embarrassment, but I did it. However, after several years of keeping it short I am tired of it and want my long hair back. So I made the decision to get the Otoplasty.

    I think my ears protrude excessively. My birth record identified me with “cupped ears”. I have been identified like that my entire life. My husband thinks my ears are lovely and has tried to convince me that no one notices. He is very sad about my decision to change them. But, in all honesty, I don’t see myself ever being 100% comfortable exposing them and accepting them, which is what I would have to do daily in the military.

    The Hollywood examples of “big ears” (i.e. Uma Therman, Will Smith, Kate Hudson) do not stick out to the extent that mine do so it is hard to find comfort in looking at their photos. I am thankful that there are people out there 100% confident with big ears and accept them as part of who they are. I am also thankful that there is a surgical option for those of us who can’t get over the childhood scars that continue to haunt us.
    BC thanks for taking time to share your story. I (DM) would be interested in your thoughts on this later after you have the surgery and have time to adjust to the new you. Again, thank you :-)

  104. daniel Says:

    my name is daniel montejo and i have huge ears and i look in the mirror everyday and feel so alone and hated i have even thought of suicide once i had some friends who would make fun of me and be called dumbo and elephant and i was devestated and thought why me? i want a girlfriend a beatiful one but i feel i will be rejected because of my ears or call me ugly and sometimes i truly do feel ugly just because of my ears i need otoplasty and im gonna work for it to become the person i was.meant to be and i support everyone here u are not alone you can survive i just hope 4 the best

  105. Jade Says:

    Im only 12 years old and since i started going school my ears have stuck out. Being teased made me come home crying everyday from high school and primary. i rescently had an opp but i wasted all off my money and pain on it and in the end it nether worked they told me that i could have it done again.. but i dont want to go through all that pain just for someone elses satisfaction . ehy can’t they accept me and not tease me for the way i am. i didnt choose myself to have ears what stick out. :’(

  106. hello Says:

    I have HUGE ears. The biggest ears. I really have never seen anybody else with bigger ears. But who really cares? You live life once (as far as I know), and before you know it you will be old. I think my ears have shaped my personality, intelligence, happiness all throughout my life. If I could go back and change the shape of my ears, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be as popular and unique and wouldn’t be myself at all. Thank god I have big ears.

  107. hello Says:

    And to Daniel, girls don’t really care about appearance. If you can make her laugh and have the confidence, it’ll be no problem. Just think about how unique you are.

  108. BC Says:

    It’s done. I had the Otoplasty three weeks ago and my ears look pretty much normal again. There is still some mild swelling and a little discomfort but overall I feel and look great.

    The surgery….I have a few months off for maternity leave so I thought now would be the best time to get it done since I would have plenty of time to recover. I opted to go with local anethetic only because I am nursing. I also waived the anti-anxiety meds that they give immediately before surgery, again because of nursing. The only medication I took were two Motrin prior to surgery, local anesthetic during the surgery and two days worth of pain killers afterward. I am assuming most people would get some form of sedation and a weeks worth of pain killers in a normal scenario.

    The only painful part of the procedure was the injection of the anesthetic. It felt just like the kind of needle pinch you feel at the dentist. There is epinephrine with the anesthetic to reduce bleeding. I wished they had warned me about it because I spent the first 10 minutes of surgery shaking in a fight or flight mode. Luckily it wore off quickly. I was also mildly grossed out by the sound of the cartilage being cut but I assume most patients will not know what is happening to them if they opt for sedation (which is typical for kids).

    The recovery has been uneventful. I have had three follow up visits. I looked like a Q-tip the first week after surgery because of head bandage, but once it was off I have been wearing a head band during the day and at night (which has now been reduced to just night-time wear).

    My impression….I have been wearing my hair up every day since the head bandage was removed. I love it. My ears are a little thicker than normal but I have been reassured that the swelling will go down over the next month. I am shocked by how blind I was before the surgery. I have been eating at a restaurant regularly both before and after surgery, however, it wasn’t until after surgery that I noticed most of the waitresses have “big ears”. How could I have missed this? I guess it goes to show that I have been too focused on my “faults” to notice how normal it is to have “big ears”.

    If I had to do it again I would still get the surgery just to escape my self-imposed handicap.

  109. Ellee Says:

    Hi, my name is Ellee I am 17 years old and have grown up my entire life with protruding ears. I didn’t become self conscious about my ears until about 7th grade, when kids started making fun of me. I never told anybody how much it hurt me to go through that everyday because I was embarrasses to even talk about my ears. I decided I was going to do everything i could to hide my ears. I grew my hair long enough to cover them, I stopped going swimming because my ears would stick out of my wet hair. On a windy day I wore my hood or held my hair in place so it wouldn’t blow back to unveil my ears. I hated running in pe or doing anything that could possibly show people my ears. I stopped letting people braid my hair and haven’t worn my hair up in almost 6 years. I work at a yogurt shop and we have to wear our hair up so I put my visor over my ears to pin them back. My fear has become so bad that I bought a bunch of headbands and I wear one every single day; I put the ends over my ears to pin them back it does a pretty good job. For the past 4 years I have been researching the otoplasty plastic surgery procedure and I have decided that I can’t wait any longer. I have heard that this procedure costs around 3000 dollars and I have half saved up. This procedure will change my life and give me the self confidence I have been lacking for almost half my life. I think it is great all of you that have accepted your ears, but I have tried. Everyday I look in the mirror and cover my ears with my hands and imagine how much prettier I would be without them. I know that I will not ever be truly satisfied with my appearance until I fix this curse that I was lucky enough to be born with….

  110. Joseph Says:

    I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who posted on this amazing page. It’s beautiful to know there are many other people who understand how I have felt, but ultimately sad to know the distress that so many of us experience because of the way our ears look.

    My journey has simply taught me, that the beginning is love. Whatever you do, or choose, you need this first. Perhaps it will be loving yourself enough to accept how you look. Perhaps loving yourslef enough to finally have an operation. Whatever it is you decide, the key is love.

    Nobody or no thing can give this love. It come down to you. In whatever way you choose, you have the power to turn all that life has given you into a gift (rather than a burden).

  111. Melissa Says:

    Wow reading everyone’s stories has brought many tears too my eyes, because I can relate to everyone’s story one way or another. I feel as if I can write a book about to ear problem that has been haunting me since my classmates discovered my enormous ears in the 6th grade. Ever since the 6th grade I have been teased and ridiculed over my long pointy ears. I believe that I inherited them from my fathers side. I was never aware that I had big ears until one of my classmates told me that I had pointy elf ears. This really hurt me and I looked in the mirror and found out that indeed my ears were different from everyone else. Even my best friend at the time told me that I hear everything because I have big ears. Boys as well made fun of me in class, and deep inside I started to grow so much pain in my heart; so scarred. The most painful and most disturbing comment I heard was made at a church youth organization that I used to go to in my adolescence years. My god sisters ex-boyfriend told me in my face that, “I’m pretty and all, but that my ears have to go”. Whoa what a blow to the face, at this point I just wanted to run home and not encounter with the world ever again. Even my family has told me that I have big ears, and I know everyone must know me for my big ears. It hurts so much that I’m terrified of wearing my hair up any where I go. Even harder that I’m in college now and still feel haunted. I recall even trying to do my hair up and covering up the tips of my ears with my hair, but it really didn’t look great. My ears interfere with my everyday life, everything I do my ears do. I wake up every morning with one wish, for me not to have big ears, for me to be happy and secure but I cant. I don’t even know why boys try to talk me to me honestly, because my other attributes aren’t attractive I believe. My personality is great, perhaps that’s what attracts them I have no idea. Oh man, and when it comes to dating I reject everyone, for fear of rejection and the person seeing my true-self image which are my big ears. Well I can go on forever, but I don’t know when this “ear thing” will end, I don’t think surgery will make a different being that my ears don’t stick out as much their just long. My big ears have prevented me from doing accomplishing a lot in life and I hope they don’t come in the way of me joining the Air Force soon; even though I’ve had various thoughts already. God why me?

    • Charlotte Says:

      Hi Melissa, Im not sure if you still check this page but i just wanted to say that i know exactly how you feel. How are you? Have you thought more about joining the Air Force?…you should. x

  112. George Says:

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has posted. I feel like I can actually relate to people when I say that I want to get otoplasty surgery. At the moment I’m only a 17year old male, but I already got 2000 saved up from my last job. I know it may seem like a lot of money, but it’s like some people get cars and I get confidence lol. I’m not really insecure about many things but I AM however, insecure about my ears. I dream to have short hair, but I can’t without re-living middle school! I’ve too heard the “dumbo” comments :/. I’m really shocked people are supergluing their ears back but it makes me want to try it. I don’t care about how dangerous it is. I’m fed up with this setback! I’ve investigated piercings that could pin your ears back and everyday I push my ears back and i sleep with a headband on so that it pushes my ears back. During the day i wear a beenie and that pushes my ears back too. They arn’t big but they stick out. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and I can see that my ears don’t stick out as much anymore. I still want the surgery but I have a little more confidence. I hope this helped! =)

  113. gabriela Says:

    I just wanted to let every one know that just because you have big ears or nose or any feature, there will be someone out there who is attracted to it. My ears are not big at all and i have a button nose, but i am always attracted to guys with big features. I came across this thread by mistake but i thought i would share. I never really noticed until I sat down with a friend and looked at old pictures of guys I dated and she brought it to my attention. I am a testament that opposites attract. So don’t be insecure about your features because someone out there will find you irresistible. ;)

  114. George Says:

    omg! i superglued my ears for the 3rd time today! results? life changing! i cant wait to have the surgery done. i have so much confidence. the only thing is that if u mess with your ears a lot it will make them sore, but hey it’s totally worth it!

  115. Alicia Says:

    Hey, Im Alicia im not sure if anyone really goes on this website anymore but im still going to write about it. Ever since about fourth or fifth grade kids have been saying that I have big ears and I hear the words ” dumbo” and “monkey” and so on. I think about my big ears everyday and its been haunting me everyday. I can’t stand it and its really getting on my nerves. The other day this boy at my school was like, ” So Alicia how big are your ears really? Because they always stick out. Let me see tuck your ear behind your hair.” My heart completely dropped and I just said, “No its nothing its just because I have it parted wrong.” I felt like such a idiot I felt like cussing him out and yelling at him. I wanted to run away and go hide because of my ears. Im fourteen years old and I have a lot of stress on me because of my ears. People might go on this website and say, ” Oh don’t be so insecure just be confident and don’t worry about it you look great and you friends should support you.. ” and so on. But trust me its way harder than that. No matter what kids that have big ears always think about it, they always try to hide it, its always on their mind. You cannot help but being insecure about it. And you know what sucks the most? During the summer when its like 100 degrees im too afraid to put my hair up because I don’t want kids making fun of me or putting me down and quite frankly I don’t want everyone to know I have big ears and it just looks bad. Also the fact that when you go swimming it shows big time! And I always try to fix it and ha its extremely hard. I feel like a lot of boys like me until the point the figure out that I have big ears. I can’t even do that many hairstyles because of my ears. I hope I grow into them because if not I have no idea what ill do. I don’t see why I had to have big ears? Or really why does anyone. I always am out in public and think, ” I wish I had her ears, their normal…” And I just can’t help thinking that. Yes, I have to admit there could be worse things to have yeah but you know I have big ears and its terrible. Its what I have to live with and I can’t do most things because im afraid ill look stupid or ill be made fun of.

  116. The Guy Says:

    Hey everyone , im still scared to post much. But i have dealt with just about everything you all had to say. Im glad we are not alone and we all have others just alike to share experiences with. I will be looking into surgery alot. I spent 19 years of my life going through hell with remarks and low self esteem about them. And im tired of always just seeing my ears when i look in the mirror or try to be sideways for a picture so they will not stick out .

    Im scared to try the superglue lol. =) I hope everyone starts posting again.

  117. Anonymous Says:

    I have huge ears :( I’m 15 and we have a hair up rule at school so I’m stuck with having a horrible low ponytail to half cover them, I wear two tight headbands at night with stickytape with hope that it’ll pin them back even the slightest. I hate swimming swell and try to pull my hair over my ears constantly

    • The Guy Says:

      im sorry that must be sad to have to face that every day at school. Talk to your parents maybe they can get you the operation to pin them back. Unlike others that say oh dont worry about what they say blah blah, I know its hard not to care.
      but dont let it get you down, just speak to your parents. Goodluck keep posting and i hope so does everyone else

  118. Ry Says:

    No way!!!! I can;t believe we’re all going through the same thing here, I too have spent all my teen years and now self concious about my ears (23 yrs old now). Like you guys I look in the mirror, or see my reflection in a shop window and all I see is my ears. I am sick of not being like other guys. I know these ears are holding back my confidence and I feel like people are always staring at me because of them. I hate being in pictures against dark backgrounds because it shows them up.

    If I had the money I would have the operation. I am very angry my parents never gave me the op as a child.

    I will be saving and have the operation. Until then I am glad we’re not alone.

    But there is some hope… I think if you can overlook your ears and let your confidence shine through ppl won’t notice so much.

    • The Guy Says:

      yeah its crazy i couldnt believe how many people have gone through what i go through daily and have went through in my life.
      I feel exatly how you do,i cant even wear a hat properly or itll just make my ears stick out or even sunglasses. i hate it .
      I am too going to be saving up for the operation. Mines are big and stick out =/ so hopefully they can fix both and it wont be too much.

      I have been more confident lately and not cared and it does help. But i still notice them everytime i look in the mirror . i just dont let people in public get the best of me . I act as if nothing is wrong lol.

  119. Andrew Says:

    I’ve got protruding ears, it use to really bring me down. I was often teased and mocked. Then, I started growing my hair long. Well, not long, but long enough to sort of hide them, and then I became a lot happier and less self aware of them. It wasn’t until last November, when I got short hair again, that I realized how much I hated them.

    I’m trying to see if I can get them pinned back now. It’s something that’s really brought me down over time and I can’t live with it anymore. I wish anyone else in my situation the best of luck for the future, maybe they’re a lot stronger than me and can live with it.

  120. The Guy Says:

    The saddest news to me was when i found out they slowly keep growing lol. i was like..eff my life lol. Thats what made me certain i want to save up to change them. Specially for my wedding someday lol,

  121. Kim Burton Says:

    I am 29, soon to be 30 this is a battle I have been fighting for years myself! I have never tried super gluing but I do the ear tuck behind hats & Visors if I ever where a pony tail. I have been married for almost 8 yrs together for 12 & he has NEVER seen my real ears unless i was sleeping & didn’t have something over my head (which I do EVERY night) b/c I am so ashamed! I would love to have surgery but how can I bring it up to my husband esp since its OUR $$.

    • Alicia Says:

      Well Kim, you gotta tell him and let him see it. And I know what your probably thinking which is nooooooo way not going to happen but, he loves you and you love him. Im sure he has already noticed them. He will always love you for you and he will accept them. I have big ears too and I have a boyfriend and im sure he has noticed but he is clearly okay with the fact that I have big ears. Just talk it over and everything will be alright

      • Charlotte Says:

        Hi Kim and alicia, its so nice to hear that im not alone. Im 28 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and i have never been able to s him even though he knows all about it. i know i should just accept me for who i am but i still dislike what i see in the mirror. I have already had an operation on the NHS quite a few years ago now but they still stick out more than i would like and on top of that they are far to big/long for my head! I hate not being able to do simple things like style my hair, go swimming, walk confidently when the winds blowing!! im trying to take small steps in learning to accept them but im not sure that i will ever be truly happy?

  122. Alicia Says:

    UGH! Charlotte I know it really sucks. I am surprised my boyfriend hasn’t even mentioned my ears. He always says that I am perfect and flawless but I know I am not at all. I try to accept my ears but I constantly think about them. And I don’t want to get the operation because A, it is expensive and B, it might not even work as well as I want it too. I really am trying to accept it and trying to be happy but man is that hard! I always look at other people’s ears and I think man they have decent ears I wish I didn’t have big ears. I always complain to my mom but she says don’t be upset about it and live your life but get real you just can’t! It is literally almost impossible. I will never be satisfied with myself until these huge dumbo ears disappear for good!

  123. Maya Says:

    I’m 14 years old.. and I had very large ears that stuck out quite a bit. I would never wear my hair up (ever!) and hate it.
    I recently moved to a new place, and after a year of living here people started to notice that I never wore my hair up.
    My ears bothered me very very much and i decided to get otoplasty. Right as we “speak” I still have the otoplasty bandage on my head… tomorrow I get it off !!!! :)

  124. Anon54 Says:

    R.E Kim,Alicia & Charlotte I don’t know whether any of you check this website regularly but I hope you do. I know exactly how you all feel on here, I am 24 & hate my ears. Ever since I started getting bullied at around 6yrs of age I have always had a complex. Surgery in the UK is so expensive so I’m still at the point of just dreaming about it, but I have promised myself that I will get the procedure done, I can not and will not spend the rest of my life feeling ashamed of myself. In regards to telling your partners I just would like to tell you my experience. I have been in a relationship now for 4 years and he knows me better than I know myself, earlier this year I got so depressed about my ears and so withdrawn it started to effect our relationship. He knew something was wrong with me and basically locked me in a room with him untill I told him what was wrong. (extreme I know but it worked) My ears bother me that much and I was that afraid of telling him in fear I would lose him I had a panic attack, lookin back now I was stupid to even fear rejection from him. He told me he would never in a million years end a relationship based on a physical disfigurement, he also told me I was being silly but I guess u can say love is blind, also the fact that there always hid under my long locks. But He reassured me how beautiful he thinks I am and I felt as though a weight had been lifted. That was about 4 months ago now and he’s still with me and were happier than ever, so I really just want to reassure you that if your partner truly does love you, nothing should stand in the way of your relationship. I told him I am planning on getting surgery and he told me he will stand by me when the time comes. Although everyday I still wake up wishing my ears didn’t stick out, when I’m with him he makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, so please tell your partner’s how you feel, love really does have no boundaries.

    I’ll never understand why we are born with big ears, I often feel like I did something wrong in a past life and I know the only people that truly know what your going through are people with the same problem. I know how how mean people can be if your different and I know how upsetting life can be at times, I have days where I just stand in the shower & cry. So if anyone does still read this and would like a chat please do reply, maybe we can be our own therapy.

  125. Alicia Says:

    Hey Anon54! Sorry for taking really long to reply it is kind of hard to because I don’t really get notified when someone replies on here. But yeah it really does suck a lot… I feel like I just want to cry forever because of it. I always have to fix my hair during school other wise I feel insecure even though I’m pretty sure everyone already knows since some people already commented. But the difference between you and I is that you’re 24! I’m 14! Boys my age might care only about apperance. And he has told me many times before that he loves me and that im beautiful and I love him and he loves me and we know everything about each other. But… Idk I never just out and about told anyone. We have been going out for about four or five months now. And well it’s just really complicated and I don’t really want to share it on here because everyone will see it but basically I don’t want to tell him because I am so afraid.

  126. Arwani Says:

    I have big ears! okay size, a bit big but not too big, but they are sticking out. my ears are quite long, yeah. i see from most of the comments, people call you ”dumbo” or ”elephant”. doesn’t anyone call you Monkey!

    omg, that’s the worst. I’d rather be called an elephant than a monkey. at least elephants are cute! but seriously, i obviously don’t like my sticking out ears. From, primary to secondary and junior college, people tease about my ears. Especially in primary school.

    In primary school, I don’t know what I was thinking(maybe cos i was in a girls school and there were no boys thus i wasnt really self-conscious), but I tie my hair up in a ponytail with my ears sticking out.

    In secondary school(girls school) I had short hair throughout the four years. And in secondary 3, I discovered head bands!! I wear them over my ears to press them down and use hair to cover it. It’s painful sometimes but you feel better!

    In JC, i came in wearing the headband. Then until one day, one of my guy classmates jokingly pulled my headband!!! And one of my ear popped out! LIke wtffff. he was behind me but i guess he saw and I was so embarrassed I just pretended nothing was wrong and looked away. But I guess he knew, and maybe told my other friends.

    Now some people know why I wear a headband EVERYDAY to school. I’m 17 now so in my heart I’m like “Whatever, they can think whatever they want.” I have a lot of friends though. Cos I’m friendly and funny.

    I just hate it that the other day, that guy pulled my head band again -.- WTF seriously. I wanted to cry. But I just like “Ehhhh…” and acted normally after that.

    I wonder if any guy would fall in love with me :(

    • Carly Says:

      Hi! So, i am 16 and i have an easy solution to this. I have tried everything since i can remember to hide my ears that stick out horribly. I used to try and glue them, and many other things.a few years ago i made head bands that i tied in the back of my head and covered with my hair — but thats not the real solution, especially for guys. But i totally know how you feel with eh headbands!! no one ever pulled them off but some people knew about it because they could see it through my thin hair :/ After wearing those for awhile, i looked online and found this super sticky double sided tape. (its actually for wigs haha) i have been doing that for awhile, and since your ears never stop growing, my hope is that they will eventually grow back because in this tape, i can sleep in it, get through almost a whole shower with it still intact, and in the summer i can go swimming for hours in wearing it! on the days i wear my hair down, i use big pieces to keep my ears far back and on the days i wear ponytails, i use a real small pieces just in the top corner closets to me head on my ear. it keeps them back and YOU CANT EVEN SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been really happy using this! I think you should too! Just google wig tape and find a 3yd roll that is clear! :) I hope you see this! i know your post was almost a year ago :/

  127. MIKE Says:

    i know this sounds realy stupid but i hate my ears with a passion. im a guy and a decent looking guy but i have no confidence in myself when i look into the mirror and see my ears sticking out from my head. for the past 3 years i have been using double sided clear tape to tape my ears to my head. It works wonders. I feel really stupid doing this and i am always wondering if people can see that my ears are taped to my head but i feel so confident when they are taped to my head. I cant afford to have the near $4000 ear surgery so this will have to do until i have enough money. btw the double sided tape i use is called Pure Style Girlfriends. Its fashion tape for girls clothing so stuff dosnt pop out lol It sounds weird but trust me it works and if you are a girl you would never know your ears are taped because of your long hair. hope this helps

  128. jioxoicx Says:

    Me too. Teased to no end as a kid. Adapted. Lifted iron/ flat out sucker punched any ahole who mentioned it. People can be very mean – you dont need to be mean to the fat kid to be in the club or anythin -just dont tolerate any attacks. You show your not to be messed with and you wont be.

    You have some short lived trouble with parents/teach but it will save you a lot of stress/bs

    Anyways 4 dudes – have hair row out. Short is not for you. Just like some ead cant pull off bald. if it pesters you….

    $ isnt bad for operation. but I dont feel I need to alter myself to oters norms. if they make an issue of it – i make an issue with them. your freedom and confidence should lie in your own strength -not being dependent on random kindess/cruelties of others

  129. Marc. Says:

    Hi i am a 27 year old male. My ears do not stick out but they are just under 3 inchs from top to bottom so they are big.

    I got picked on when i was younger then through school i was called big ears and dumbo, maybe not that much but those names where not a nice exeperiance and i remember toughening up and just putting up with it, i remember one female staring right at my ears which is a weird memory i still have.

    Like a lot of people on here i can be self conscious of them and i think they have made my communication skills poor but not all the time.

    Recently they have been getting on my nerves and winding me up more than usual but i think iv been through a stressfull situation from moving home and trying to settle in.

    I thought id try and give some tips on how to help anyone which might work for you or might not.

    I find exersise works well to reduce stress even if its not much exersise like a walk around the block.

    My last job i was working and there was alot of times when i forgot i had big ears and then i remember thinking i have completely forgotten about my ears.

    So maybe try to put it to the back of your mind or try to forget about them.


  130. Jhon Says:

    Iam sick of seeing people hating on big ear people

  131. Andrija Says:

    Hi guys i have kinda big ears and a curved boxing nose…But all my friends tell me i look cool because once i accidentaly shaved my head and it looked soooo cool on me and i decided that ill keep it.So guys im happy with my looks :D

  132. Marc Says:

    Two comments above, When i say they have been winding me up and getting on my nerves, i mean just having big ears is winding me up more than normal, not people winding me up.

    I have a bit of a defencive attitude so at work people catch on not to mention my ears, most people at work dont seem to care when you get older. One person called me Pob last year but i found that kind of funny, somebody called me Pob when i was younger as well thinking about it.

    Pob is a 1970s cartoon puppet with big ears.

  133. Pablo Says:


    I`m a male person with big ears (one is actually a little bit longer and more apart from the head than the other) and this is my story.

    I grew up so involved in myself (like in a bubble) that I wasn`t aware of my ugliness until recently (a few years ago). In my culture (I´m mexican) the looks were not that important back in those days (80´s early 90´s) at least I want to believe that, but like I sayed I wasn´t that self conscious and now that I look back I´m pretty sure all of my life failures and my current frustations are a result of my appearence.

    When I see pictures of my childhood I don´t look that ugly, I was actually kind of pretty (my skin wasn`t dark as most mexicans), hazelnut color eyes, nice smile everything was ok, I mean I had big ears but I they were hide in my hair. But when I reach the teenagehood everything went to hell, I gain weight, I started to stand hunch, my color skin started to get dark and also my life change for bad.

    During my teenagehood I wasn´t aware of all this mentioned effects yet, since I was very popular cause I was a smart and very funny too I actually had a couple of girlfriends that were pretty cute. It also helped that I grew up during the alternative rock boom and being pretty wasn´t that cool (I´m a proud member of X generation).

    Now that I´m an adult is really hard to get over my genetical deffects, since now we have to add the fact that I´m lossing a lot of hair and my ears looks bigger than ever, I´m also more overweight than ever and my double chin makes me look real ugly. Eventhough I´m real smart (honestly I am) I´m seeing how almost everyone that surrounds me get´s a better job, a sexier woman or is just more happy (even if they are assholes).

    I don´t want to discourage the people that came here to feel better, this is just my life and I don´t think anybody else could be that sad or selfish for not being pretty.

  134. Alex Says:

    Hi, my big ears are a huge issue for me. I’ve always been insecure about them, so i quit all sports so i didnt have to put my hair up. This made me gain about 30 pounds. :lmy moms okay with me getting surgrery but im afraid to even ask my dad. And i dontknow if i wanna havemy parents spend that much money. I got teased all the time and was called a monkey. Now i just dont wear my hair up, so now i actually have alot of friends which is nice buti LOVE sports! So i wanna get this surgrery, i’m 15 and heard the younger you do it the better. But im still on the edge. Any advice or anyone in the same position?

  135. Kellie Says:

    Hi Fellow ‘wingnuts’ :oP. I have stick out ears also, they aren’t ‘big’, but definately stick out. I am 36 now, and well refuse to ‘grow up’ about my stick out ears. I want them fixed! Back in school I tried glueing them with super glue but found this to be quite damaging to the skin. For the past several years I have been using a different glue, it is called ‘Selleys Kwik Grip’, it is the one for vinyl, cork, bike tubes, leather etc. I am in Australia, so I am not sure if it is available O/S, but surely there are similar products. It works a treat :o), I can even wear it swimming and it stays put most of the time. I find tho when I wash my hair it comes unstuck, which is fine so I can clean and reapply. The glue I use, I apply enough so that when I squeeze the ear back, the glue sticks back on itself as this glue requires two surfaces to be coated, then when sort of tacky, (only takes a minute) you push together and hold for about 40 seconds, and hey presto instant flat ears! I do alot of exercising with my hair pulled back and couldn’t live without the stuff. If there is a more natural substance that anyone can recommend I would be very interested – like make-up glue. I tried one once but it was not strong enough.

    I am so glad I found this site as I have felt ashamed of glueing my ears back :o(

    Kellie, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and glad you stumbled across this blog post too. DM

    • Carly Says:

      Thats really interesting! see, i use this wig tape and its hardly noticeable and it stays on through swimming as well! This glue your talking about sounds like something i really want to try actually!

      With my tape, i use bigger pieces when my hair is down to keep my ears pretty much on my head but you can’t tell even if the wind blows it back and when i have to work and have to wear a pony, i use a small piece and put it in the top corner closest to my head and it keeps them back at a very natural angle, sticking out only a little, but not noticeable. And when i use the smaller pieces (they are clear) you can’t even see them. (:

      But im really glad i read this and others too! now i don’t feel like i’m the only one doing weird things to keep my ears from showing. (:

  136. anonymousgirl Says:

    Hey everyone, i just discovered this site and it makes me feel a little bit better about my ears. Im 13 and my ears have always bothered me. Theyre normal sized but they stick out so badly! I swear will smith and all those other celebs dont even have big ears compared to mine! I remember tying my hair up for the very first time in public in the first few weeks of my second year of high school. No one commented about my ears because i had hair covering it while i tied it back. It was all good until my friend pointed out that my ears stuck out and then from then on, i was too embarrassed to ever tie my hair up. even though they say its cute and stuff i know it isnt. At least once a week, someone has to mention about me not tying my hair up anymore or how they can see my ears when the wind blows my hair. Its so annoying and i hate it. And to prove that they dont actually find it ‘cute’ theres this teacher at my school who also has ears that stick out JUST as bad as mine. our ears are basically the same and she doesnt seem to care about them which i think is awesome. She always ties her hair back or tucks her hair behind her ears. However, from time to time, someone has to say something about how her ears arent normal and that ears arent meant to stick out that much. It bothers me so much! Although theyre not talking about me, it just feels like they are!

    I’ve also asked my parents if i could have otoplasty and they said i could have it in the summer. well its spring now, and ive constantly asked them and now they wont let me have it anymore because apparently general anesthesia kills off brain cells and it’ll make me dumber or something. But they promised that they would let me have the surgery after high school but i cant wait that long! Ive already waited all my life for it and ugh its so irritating.

    And my mum is always saying how my ears arent that bad! When OBVIOUSLY they are. i know my mums ears stick out a bit but they dont actually stick out. i never noticed it until my mum said her ears stuck out. i would be content if i had her ears. life is so unfair. but i guess everyone has flaws its just that not everyone knows about them. Sorry for writing so much, ive been crying all day today about my ears and had this huge argument with my parents. and to add to all of it, i had a bad haircut today as well!

    • Caroline Says:

      I know how you feel. :( I have experienced all of what you’ve written too. My parents wont let me have otoplasty either, so after reading others comments i’m opting for the permanent tape. I’m 14 btw.

  137. randomperson Says:

    After going through with the surgery Otoplasty I would like to tell you all how it went and how I feel now, because as other people who are suffering with this same issue I feel I owe it to you. So as I can’t say I am 100 Percent happy their is a significant difference in my ears. They are much less protruding although I wouldn’t of minded if my doctor would of been a little bit more aggressive and pinned back even further, I guess I’d rather have them the way they are now then completely smushed into my head. As far as how the actually surgery went it was completely fine and even afterwards the pain is completely tolerable with pain meds. At least for me the amount of suffering I went through as a child I was willing to take on all the pain in the world come surgery day to get rid of my sticking out ears. So if you go in it with that type of mindset you literally will not feel a thing, don’t worry about the pain trust me it’s not an issue. The last thing I would like to say and probably the most important is because I went through all that I did as a child, my ears will always be a concern of mine and I will always critique them no matter what surgery I get done. Yes they are pinned back slightly more and better looking than before, but they are not perfect. I thought to myself going into this surgery that getting my ears pinned back would completely get rid of all my depression and I would never have one self conscious thought about my ears again, but I was wrong it was for me more a physiological issue then anything else. SO… having said all that before you go and spend 4 grand on surgery please please please see a therapist and try to leave surgery as a LAST RESORT! Having gone through it all now would I of done it all over again, yes although I grew my hair back out (im a guy) I am slightly more confident now and hopefully overtime I can forget the past. If you’ve read this whole post through I hope I’ve helped you in your decision to get or not to get otoplasty, live and love life.


  138. Marc Says:

    Do you think the reason we hate our ears is because we have been picked on or hurt by other people or is it because it attracts unwanted attension?
    I think these are my reasons.
    Some groups of guys will take the mick out of each other for fun
    I am a 28 year old male.

  139. Priscilla Says:

    I am a 39 year old woman and I HATE my ears! I want to get them fixed SOOOO bad but I can’t afford it plus I have a son who has them so I wish I could get both of ours fixed. He’s 4 1/2 and super adorable but I feel so guilty that he got my ears. I’m know he’s going to get made fun of because little kids are so mean to each other and I just wish I could do something to prevent that from happening to him :-(

    • Sall Says:

      I really feel your pain and guilt! . I will be in the same boat soon.
      I’m not going to tell you to love your son the way his is because I bet you DO! When I was little I loved playing with fairy toys.. I think I thought because of my ears maybe I secretly was one and that would be cool! Do any super hero characters have similar ears? Even Peter pan! I will familiarize my kids will cool people and characters who have the ears.. And hope they notice and think its choice like I did with fairies :) it might help them through a nasty comment once at least.
      Double check with your local health board.. Some states, countries, offer otoplasty to children at quite reduced rates.

  140. Sall Says:

    Wow.. This is all amazing. I have protruding ears with no fold or rim at the top. It has absolutely affected my entire life. I spent forever trying to hide them. When i see my wedding photos i know that my ears are glued back and wish i was comfortable with a gorgeous ‘up do’ but choose to wear my long hair down that day.I am 27 now, and don’t hide my ears anymore. I have short hair, have stopped super glueing them back etc etc. My husband has been amazing. It’s only been in the last three years or so I have accepted them as such and don’t let them stop me doing anything.. (swimming etc..) but I think I’m exahusted of feeling juged and mocked. And im generally pretty bitter. I have given up trying to look nice. I have otoplasty booked for two months time. Only now has this become a option for me financially. I have two children. My oldest 2 yrs I think will be ok.. I think her ears only slightly protrude. But I will do whatever I can for her if later in life I think she wants otoplasty. My youngest is 8 mths. I have bought him ear buddies which are splints which might correct his protruding ears enough to not want the otoplasty later in life.I feel so guilty!!! One for being the reason they have my ears and 2, I couldn’t get otoplasty for myself and let my youngest (who’s ears are worse) grow up with his and do nothing!! Hence the splints.. But boy do people judge! I just want to do right by my children and hopefully find peace and closure regarding my ears! Seems silly.

  141. George Says:

    Hey everyone I found this site a year ago when I was 17 I’ve been saving for otoplasty since I was 15 and hated my ears for as long as I remember. Im 18 now and had the procedure done 4 days ago and its really not that bad! I had mine done for 1.5 thousand hotel and everything and it’s well worth it! I took a risk and did it while I was vacationing overseas and I have already seen the results and I am pleased. It didn’t hurt at all until after the first day then it just feels like a headache for a couple of days. Sleeping was only bad for the first couple days but I had two straight nights where I’ve slept like a baby! Haha they give you this bandage u have to wear for a week and then you have to wear a headband at night for a couple months. Good luck to anyone who is considering getting this done! I get my bandages off in 2 days and I can’t wait to walk around without having to hide my ears all the time. I cut my hair short for the first time in 4 years the day before my surgery! XD

  142. Carly Says:

    Hi! So, i am 16 and i have an easy solution to this. I have tried everything since i can remember to hide my ears that stick out horribly. I used to try and glue them, and many other things.a few years ago i made head bands that i tied in the back of my head and covered with my hair — but thats not the real solution, especially for guys. After wearing those for awhile, i looked online and found this super sticky double sided tape. (its actually for wigs haha) i have been doing that for awhile, and since your ears never stop growing, my hope is that they will eventually grow back because in this tape, i can sleep in it, get through almost a whole shower with it still intact, and in the summer i can go swimming for hours in wearing it! on the days i wear my hair down, i use big pieces to keep my ears far back and on the days i wear ponytails, i use a real small pieces just in the top corner closets to me head on my ear. it keeps them back and YOU CANT EVEN SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, i encourage you guys to try it! no one knows except, when i get a haircut and tell them so they don’t get freaked out or something, but im not embarrassed, If anything, they probably think its a good idea! (:

    So, jsut google wig tape and lots show up. (: i use to kinds one is really good in water and the other is good for dry.

    And this has really helped my ears grow back, you just have to be patient :D

    • Caroline Says:

      Thanks for this i have been looking for a solution like this! :D
      I’m 14 by the way.

      A few questions about permanent wig tape though.

      1) does it hurt when you take it off?

      2) did people not mention that they’d changed, because id want it to be a discrete change?

      3) how much is the tape and how far does it go?

  143. nicky Says:

    Hi,Does anyone know is there a ear surgery, where they fold your helix back for couple millimetres more, but only by stiching skin to skin (not cuttin your cartilage).I have searched on line but i cant find this specific only skin to skin stichin, i think its outdated.

  144. anonymousgirl Says:

    Hey everyone! It’s me anonymous girl again! Got great news, going to have the procedure in a couple of days! Hope everything turns out well

  145. anonymousgirl Says:

    got my bandages off today! after the whole operation i felt heaps nauseous which lead to vomiting 5 times :/ i felt no pain afterwards, just a bit of itchiness instead.
    anyways, my ears look really red, they’re pinned back, more than i would have hoped for but its still alright. I’ve noticed that i have a lack of an anti helix fold now which looks really weird but i hope its just because of the swelling and blood clots and everything. my ears are extremely numb but I’m just concerned because my ears look really weird

  146. Marc Says:

    There are websites with people who dislike their noses who also say very simular things.
    Iv been reading this book and i recommened it.
    Its called. A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts and Deceives.
    Basicly it tells you how complicated your mind is and how everyone is susceptible to different kinds of things.
    On Amazon you can view some of the pages by clicking the click inside option.

  147. Scott Says:

    I wish there were a way to get in contact with the original poster, but there doesn’t seem to be.

    So yeah, I’m a beanie guy. Good luck finding a picture of me from the last ten years without one on (good luck sneaking a peek at my license, for instance). For what it’s worth, beanies are an AMAZING alternative to surgery, glues, tapes, but I think this works better for me than most because I live in the Pacific Northwest U.S. in an area that is cold for 7-8 months out of the year. Also, I have developed a system for summertime where I use a thin cotton – or mostly cotton – beanie and soak it in cold water before putting it on. Then I wring most of the water out and you wouldn’t believe how amazingly cool it will keep your head. I’ve had doubting friends (with normal ears) try it out and they can’t believe how great it works – believe it or not, some of them actually do it themselves now on hot days. The downside: it is now my crutch. I can’t go out to check the mail anymore without putting one on, and my days of going swimming are well behind me. Also, I’m that weird guy who always wears a beanie – but somehow, illogically, that is different and better than being a guy with big/protruding ears.

    My entire life, my ears have been a massive negative focal point. I remember as a very young child – maybe 4 or 5 – asking my parents if my ears would ever not stick out. They told me (my ears are 100% identical in every way to my father’s) “Sure, you’ll grow into them.”

    I. DID. NOT.

    Grades K-12 were a complete horror, and I had very few actual friends for those 13 years of my life. I even had teachers making fun of me – much to the delight and resounding laughter of the entire class. “Dumbo.” Isn’t that everyone’s favorite? Equally unoriginal is Elephant Ears. and as humiliating and sad as it is to admit – even to myself – my ears are the reason I didn’t go to college. I was teased, beaten up, singled out, and socially quarantined so badly, and in such an increasingly dramatic fashion as I got further into school that I was mortified at the prospect of going to college to continue this cycle. I have a “decent” job now, especially for how bad the economy is right now, but I don’t have a career by any means, and I’ve always held terrible jobs that don’t allow for anything like savings, retirement, OR SURGERY to “correct” the “problem” that has caused me to be in this situation. I’m afraid to have children for fear of passing this curse – and it *IS* a curse – on to them.

    I can sit back and realize that it’s completely irrational to have let this issue control my entire life, but at the same time I cannot break free of these ear-shaped chains. I fail to see how counseling could ever solve this problem or make me feel at peace with my own looks – not that I’m against trying. I always acted like I was glad I was unattractive, because I will always know that (since I’m not rich) a woman will love me for who I really am & not just for my looks, and because good-looking people are often arrogant snobs. That is a lie though, I wish I could just feel plain. Ordinary. Average. Instead, I don’t even bother trying to talk to women I find attractive, and on some level I suppose I don’t think I deserve to be with them in the first place. Virtually all my relationships have with friends of friends or relatives of friends who met me through a mutual acquaintance. Someone who could tell them before they met me that I was a really great guy and they should give me a chance. Poor, unfortunate me. The guy with big ears.

    I think I would probably have committed suicide a long time ago – Lord knows I’ve thought of it enough in the past – but I’m not a quitter. I know there are MULTITUDES of people on this Earth who have it MUCH worse off than I do, and I’m ashamed for feeling so selfish about my own issue. At this point i do have family and friends who care about me, but I still can’t help the way I feel.

  148. mollymnm Says:

    hi! I am so glad I found this forum. I thought I was crazy when I first thought of the idea to glue by pointy, large, protruding, asymmetrical ears to my head. (They sound awful, I know). Anyways, I started when I was 12. Im 14 now. I went to the local Staples and bought my first tube of Gorilla Super Glue. I was so excited…I mean it was sure to work, right? After my unsatisfactory otoplasty I was ready to try anything. I got home and applied the glue to the back of my head and pushed down my ears so they would stick! Guess what…they looked gorgeous! I knew I would look 10 times better, and feel 10 times better with pretty ears. Anyways, I wore them like this to school (I made sure to have the bottle of glue in my backpack…you know, in case of emergencies). Anyways, time passed and in about 3 weeks, my the back of my ears began to secrete a yellowish liquid which was obviously not supposed to be there. I checked the back of my ears with a mirror and saw that the super glue had been eroding my skin and caused it to break open. I freaked out. Was it infected? Did I finally have to reveal my secret remedy to my parents to get medical treatment. I decided to let my ears heal for a week and stop using the super glue. Over time my ears slowly healed, but of course they were still ugly. I felt hopeless. I needed another medium to pin my ears back. What could it be? Then a spark went off! Right next to the glue at the store was another adhesive…tape! Of course, though, tape was less strong, and could easily come off. That day after school I biked to Staples once again and bought Scotch PERMANENT Double Sided Tape. It worked. I continue to use the tape everyday changing it after it gets wet, or every two days. Thank you for reading my ear story, both its trials, failures, and successes. Moral of my tale, is DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE: for me it caused my ear to literally ERODE AND DISINTEGRATE. Try PERMANENT ( NOT REMOVABLE) double sided tape…it works!
    Good luck and best wishes my fellow unsatisfactory ear friends!
    Any questions or comments, dont be afraid to reply!
    And thank YOU Molly for taking the time to share your story.DM

    • Caroline Says:

      That sounds great! :D I had thought of using glue and it had scared me so much i hadn’t had the courage to do it yet. I’m 14 aswell.

      A few questions about permanent tape though.

      1) does it hurt when you take it off?

      2) did people not mention that they’d changed, because id want it to be a discrete change?

      3) how much is the tape and how far does it go?

      • mollymnm Says:

        Hi Caroline!
        1)The tape doesn’t hurt at all when you take it off (the glue does though, NEVER try it). Eventually the tape’s adhesive wears off and it easily comes off.
        2)My family noticed my ears because I had began to wear my hair up (I had never worn it like that before because I was so ashamed of my ears). Other than my family, most people didn’t notice, or at least they didn’t say anything. I was glad about that because that was the whole point. I don’t WANT people to notice my ears :) They turned out to be very natural looking and discrete.
        3) The tape I bought was about $5.00 a roll (I bought a 2 pack). The tape says it’s 25 yards long which I guess is a lot. I have been using the same roll for about a month now and I’m not even half way through! It’s a really inexpensive way to improve your self esteem! :)

        I highly suggest that you try it…I really hope it works for you! If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

    • Caroline Says:

      Thank you for replying! :D I have tried the tape and it is very effective! Although sometimes my hair gets stuck and then it hurts.. I havnt used it for school yet because im still testing it to see the best place to stick the tape and see how long it stays for! :D

    • Dreamer Says:

      Just wanted to let you know I can relate on the yellowish oily secretions! I supe-rglued my ears back for a few days. Come the third day I picked the glue off and felt the secretion. Some days it would be worse than others. One day I grabbed a tissue and the pus/oil practically soaked the cloth. I’ve managed to find some glues that aren’t as harsh (crazy glue is the WORST!) but they all cause raw skin, peeling, and secretion none-the-less.

  149. Marc Says:

    Copied from Derren Brown’s book. I think this is interesting so i have put it on here. It might be easier to understand if your older like me.

    Another friend of mine has a skin complaint and he once said to me that it’s a embarrassing thing to have. I asked him why. He answered that people can spot it, and they find it revolting. The fact was that although he clearly does have eczema, there’s nothing revolting about it at all. One might think “Oh, he has eczema” and then forget about it, or in my case vaguely wonder how to spell it. So i told him that his opinion (that it was revolting) was so negligible compared to the millions of people that meet him (that it isn’t) that perhaps he should just decided that he’s just wrong. Simple mistake: plain wrong. The experts on the subject of whether or not his skin is revolting populate the rest of the world; hes the one person whose opinion has no validity at all. We’ll tell him if it’s embarrassing or not. I think he understood.

  150. barde Says:

    You pple hav no idea wat it means 2 hav big ears…urs all is not big. mine is even bigger than Mr Obama’s…i feel bad 2 d extent wen my frds are taking pictures, i do hav 2 run away bcos i wonder hw amma luk in it…i just joined dis group n site 2day, read most of d comments here, they are truly encouraging…thank you pple bt i still need 2 hav an otoplasty so as 2 feel confident wit ma self

  151. john Says:

    my ears are big aand im 12 so far noones made fun of me except 1 person i am wondering will my head grow into it?

  152. Caroline Says:

    I’m 14 and have ears that are big, stick out and are a little pointed. I’d always known my ears stuck out but no one had ever made fun of them until i went to year 7. In year 7 i wore my hair up, as i had for most of my life, but then people started to say things and i began to listen. My self confidence went down hill from there. It was mainly guys that made fun of me. Once, my tech teacher even made fun of them. I wear my hair down all the time now, i tilt my head to the floor when the wind blows, i never go swimming anymore because then my ears show and i don’t wear caps. It really gets me down. I looked up having otoplasty because i was so upset and even asked my mum but she said no.

    Will my body grow so that my ears are relatively in proportion?

    Does super glueing my ears hurt? or work?

    It has been encouraging reading others views. Please email me back. x

    • Adam Says:

      I remember my English teacher making a comment a too back when I was school. Unbelievable to think that a teacher is contributing to damage they can’t begin to imagine. My advice darling, no one who cares is going to pay notice until you scream it loudly in their faces. The way it affects your life on a daily basis is not funny and not normal. Sit down with your parents and tell them exactly how you feel. They love you and hopefully they’ll show you nothing but support.

    • Ems Says:

      Excellent advice Adam. I second that Caroline – people don’t realize the kind of effect this thing has in your life. There are people with big ears who get over it or don’t care, and kudos to them, but there are many who are greatly affected. As I said in a previous comment, I think it depends on a combination of your personality+bad experiences (name calling, etc).
      I would encourage you to sit down with your parents again and, as Adam said, tell them how you feel. But also, maybe this time you should show them this website. I think there are plenty of testimonies here that prove what this can do to your life. Good luck!

  153. geny Says:

    I have hugeeeeeee ears:( I hated them, and kinda sort of still do, what I used to do and worked wonders for me was I grabbed a a little bit of hair from one side of one ear and a little bit from the other side of the other ear and tie the pieces of hair together. Try to tie them with a small elastic band and match it with the color of your hair. My hair styles were kinda limited but not that much…. Now my baby has bigg ears and I wish she didn’t but is okay, hopefully is not to bad on her.

  154. mike Says:

    everyone says theyre ears are huge but non compare with mine i believe. i was teased non stop as a child and when i got into my teens i discovered that is i grew my hair and wore du rags and hats no one would notice. and to my surprise it did. i became a very popular guy because of my new “look”. and it was like that for several years. i had beautiful girlfriends who wouldnt even take a second look at me if it wasn’t for my ingenious plan to cover them up with a fitted and durag. until around 2 years ago i decided to cut my long hair and stop wearing fitteds and durags and its open my eyes to who i was then and who i am now. i’m still the shy kid who wont talk to anyone because im afraid of getting teased. i still get teased everywhere i walk and im ashamed that my face isnt pleasant to look at without someone making a joke. i dont let people get to me but my social life has dipped to where i dont go out at all. i have a son which keeps me going day by day but i only see him weekends since his mother and i separated, and to pit the cherry on top the woman who once wanted to marry me and have a family with me, now i see her looking at me and my ears, i really want otoplasty but my problem isnt that my ears stick out. its that they’re extra large for no reason -_-. my son hopefully doesnt come out with my ears which so far it looks like he mightve missed the bullet. but as for me. i was once happy and now all i think about if how im back to being the same scared kid who is extremely shy and cries inside because i cant share this with anyone except through a computer screen.

  155. sara Says:

    i get my ears from my dads side and ther huge and stick out. im 14 and really want to tryout for cheerleading but i wont:( because u have to wear ur hair up and i refuse to go through being called dumbo everyday agaiin, up intill 6th grade i didnt relize how big my ears were until people start making fun of me i used to come home crying. my parents insisted i didnt have big ears! yea right mom ur not fooling anyone. in 7th grade we moved. and i swore i wouldnt let any of my friends or anyone outside of my house see my ears. but i dont want to be this way foreer. with my hair down i think and many people tell me im absoluty gorgerous!(not trying to be cocky), and i really want to do modeling but no ones gonna want me advirsting there fashion with my hair back and big unflattering ears showing!:( i plan to get ear pinning surgey, but im gonna have to want tell im 18 and already left home cause my parents refuse to pay for surgery. i jusy feel that life would be easier with smaller ears…..does that sound crazy???

  156. kev Says:

    I have large ears (vertically) that don’t stick out a lot. Of course in elementary/jr high I was tortured but honestly EVERYONE with any flaw is at those ages. Kids are cruel. Even if its coming down to digging for hatred like poor clothes or having a name that rhymes with something that can be mean (anything can be made that way). If no faults are made easy…they will be made. Kids are just terrible. I’m guilty myself as I was cruel to others in anyway that was necessary w/o bounds with the pack I ran with and looking back it was to put the times I was the target out of mind.

    My body has grown, I’m still self conscious about it and wear my hair longer because of it (male). As an adult I don’t run into it except for rare occasions and if teased I will say I have large ears because I am a listener but sadly all I hear is bullshit from people like them.

  157. thereluctantlandlord Says:

    I can commiserate…… I have what is known as “loped” or “cupped” ear–apparently a genetic defect that runs in the family. As a child, I always wore my hair down and was so glad that I had not been born a boy, and had to deal with it! Other children and siblings were cruel and my parents were……less than helpful, warm or nurturing, I will say. My one regret in life is not joining the Military……I was mentally hindered by the fact my ear would, probably again, become an object of ridicule for the masses. Even as a grown adult, I still rarely wear my hair up—-if so, it’s only on a whim and I quickly take it down if mixed company comes around. I try, little by little, to overcome my……issue… wearing my hair up to work — and I hate the stares and snickers that I still hear. I am actually a very well- adjusted, successful, educated adult……but I have never been able to shake this feeling of “elephant man syndrome”. I would LOVE the surgery…..but there’s always more important things……kids braces, medical bills, home improvements……and it seems like such a shallow thing to spend that much money on.

  158. Jarred Says:

    Hey guys my name is jarred im 13 and i guess u could say that i have really small ears but they stick out allot and its really embaressing i get called monkey allot and worst of all im in a program in highschool called jrotc its like a millitary programm to help kids become better citizens and a rule is ur hair can not touch hr collar so it constantly has to be short all the time and its kinda a bummer cuz my hair sticks out even more when its cut im just really upset that i have huge ears and cant do anything about it

  159. Caroline Says:

    Hi everyone! I commented on here a bit ago to tell my story, and ever since i have received e-mails showing me peoples comments and their own stories. Since i came on here i read someones story and i used their idea of double sided sticky tape. IT WORKS! for the most part. There are so many positives! For example: It usually lasts for a whole day! it really hides them, you can wear your hair up and you don’t have to worry if the wind blows or you go swimming.

    However if you have long hair then some bits might get caught in the tape and unfortunately the only way to get the tape off is to take your hair with it. Also sometimes one ear stays taped for 24 hours while the other might only last for 5, It can be tricky to manage the tape and if you’re staying somewhere public and you don’t want people knowing about your ears then you have to keep it secretive.

    I’m still working with it to see if there are other ways of making it stick better, but i’m so happy i found it. Even if it just takes that little bit of worry away for when its windy.

    Caroline x

  160. Rachel Says:

    I am nearly 14 and have had big sticky out ears all my life and have been teased about them all though my school years. I am now approaching high school and at such a difficult age for bullying I’m worrying about my flaw. I would never change myself by cosmetic surgey as I believe that is wrong and showing a low self esteem, I would like to find a way of loving my ears and showing other people that lookes don’t matter xx

  161. David Says:

    Hi I am a kid from Lexington, Kentucky and I have big ears and absolutely hate them. People say i have great facial features and that I am good looking but i still feel so insecure of my ears. When I was a kid people did occasionally call me dumbo but as I have grown up people haven’t really commented on them. I hate taking pictures because my ears just stick out. I have been feeling insecure but recently i have discovered a person named tom nicon,was a french model for burberry and other high brands, and he as big ears too and he was confident and didn’t care what people thought about his big ears but unfortunately he has passed away. I am trying to gain confidence in my ears and I wish everybody would do the same!

  162. Marc Says:

    Have a look at this Actor called Adam Godley, he is 48 but he is very cool and clever.

  163. Ems Says:

    Hello all,
    I am so happy to have come across this blog. I never thought there would be so many people out there with experiences so similar to mine. I am a 35 yo female that has big, stick out ears. I mean, seriously – I never saw anyone with ears like mine, they are not only big but they stick out really big time (we’re talking perpendicular to my head here).
    I am familiar with many of the stories above. Name calling/bullying while growing up. Fear of the wind. Fear of swimming – I would endure Spanish summers at the beach without going to the water once, although I was about to melt, just out of fear that my ears would stick out (most of my friends think I am afraid of the water). Fear of putting my hair up in a pony tail (never did it in public). Etc.
    I actually have extremely thick hair, so many people are not aware of the size of my ears (until the moment the wind blows my hair away or something, and that is always awkward and embarrassing). You may think it is a blessing I have such hair, and in many senses it is, but once when I was a kid I overheard my mother saying to a friend who asked her about my ears, “yeah, thank god she’s a girl, if she were a boy she would have to undergo surgery.” I have resented her ever since for not realizing how much those ears were affecting my life, even with my thick hair to cover them…and I can’t help thinking that if I had been born a boy I wouldn’t have this problem because I would have had surgery.
    This situation has marked me for life. I used to be a very bubbly child until I went to school, and then, because of all the mocking, I became immensely shy and insecure. Another consequence is the fact that I cannot say the word “ears” out loud. It is stupid, but saying it to other people is the same for me as taking my clothes off in public. Needless to say, I *never* showed my ears to anyone.
    This shyness went on until some 5/6 years ago, when I decided to emigrate and change careers. It made me a happier person and I felt my “bubbling” personality surfacing again after so many years!
    Fast forward till present day. Although I really love my life nowadays, I felt that my ears where kind of holding me back – sort of like a piece of dark memories that are a daily reminder of a painful childhood/teenage years. So I decided to go to an appointment with a surgeon to get an otoplasty. It was by far the most difficult thing I had to do. How the hell do you go to such an appointment if you cannot even say the word ears?? Anyways, I could overcome that by repeating to myself “he’s a doctor, he won’t judge you, he’s seen thousands of weird features.”I asked everything I wanted to ask and I made a decision right there: I paid for it at once using my savings and I scheduled the surgery. I was afraid that if I wouldn’t do that then I would back out. And actually I was right: I have the surgery in 3 weeks and I am so terrified that if I hadn’t paid for it I wouldn’t go through with it.
    Now – and this is the point I really wanted to make – the reason why I am terrified is not because I don’t want the surgery. I want it more than anything. It’s because I will have to explain to some people what I am doing, and I am just so ashamed and complexed that I don’t have a clue how to. I will have the surgery in Spain (my home country) and I will fly over for 2 weeks. My friends and family know that I am going there, but they think I am going on vacations. I will have 1) to tell my mother, since I am staying over at her place for 2 weeks and she’ll have to pick me up after the surgery and 2) tell my closest friends, who are expecting me to hang out with them for 2 weeks. I have no idea how I am going to do this, as I cannot even admit my embarrassment or say the word “ears” without blushing. I never discussed my problems re my ears with anyone, so I don’t even know how to start this conversation…help!

    • Milan Says:

      Hello Ems

      I could sum up my experiences with my ears almost exactly like you. My ears were aproximatelly the “quality” of the actor Adam Godley if not worse. Now, I am 32 and since I was about 20 I wore long hair (I am a man) that fully covered my ears. It is kind of stupid being a man and having to wear long hair and yes, if it is windy you really look like a bum and you are afraid that your ears will show. Anyway, I felt so extremely limited by wearing the long hair (which actually my mother was cutting, since I had panic fears even to comunicate to any hair dresser that she shall cut it in order to hide my ears) and especially I felt like in a no-win situation as for good jobs where your hair should be shorter that I also decided to have a ear plastic surgery. I was actually considering it for maybe 4 years, fearing about the same things – how I will hide this from everybody etc. Also, I was kind of fearing about the loss a a certain identity (difficult to explain). At the end I decided to take 1.5 weeks holiday (which was half of the whole anual leave, so at the beginning of the year I knew that there will be no proper vacation this year) – I am Slovak and worked at that time in Prague. 1.5 weeks because I did not want anybody at work to see me with those bandages around my ears (I had to wear them for 1 week after the surgery + some added day for some checks). After the surgery, the only problem was to get home and for one check on the second day to the doctor, with the bandages on my head (I had to use public transportation) but I had my hood on. The week with the bandages I spent watching movies and staying the entire time at home.
      Anyway. before the surgery I also was doubting if I really should do it or not, also fearing that I will have to explain it to all my environment, since they would notice. But actually, I did not have to explain anything to anybody, because I was so succesfull in hiding my ears with my hair for almost 10 years that noone even noticed. And now I still wear longer hair, but it is much tidier, and much shorter than it was (I guess I would not wear a totally short hair) and there is no wind problem or anything. I also would say, that after the surgery, the ears still look in a way similar – you dont get new ears attached, but they have a much more acceptable shape. So I dont feel that I lost anything from my identity.
      As for the first feeling that I had when I saw my repaired ears. It is definitelly worth it. You feel like that all those stupid problems (with stupid hair styles etc.) are suddenly over.
      You should not worry about your surgery. You still can wear your hair long after the surgery and noone will notice. Of course a couple of people will have to know (your mother) but believe me, dont panic. As for me I told about 5 people (unavoidable) about it and everyone responded 120% well to it. And the boost in self confidence is definitelly worth it.
      So, now I have been living my life with my new ears for aprox. 5 years and I almost forgot that I once had this huge problems.
      Good luck!

      • Ems Says:

        Wow Milan, thanks a lot! Your timing is also great by the way – I decided to tell my mother today so your reply is extra reassuring. Can’t thank you enough, really!

      • Adam Says:

        Thanks for your post Milan. I would really appreciate if you gave me the details of the surgeon that you went to.

    • Adam Says:

      Your post brought tears to my eyes. I really hope it works out for you. Keep us updated.

  164. Ems Says:

    Update: I told my mother. Not a very good reaction on her part – she was offended that I would do something like that (“MY daughter undergoing plastic surgery, that’s just so stupid”). She also thought it was pretty irresponsible of me to spend my savings on a “whim”, something so “frivolous”, especially considering the economic crisis and all (“so I am saving for ages to make sure our family has something to fall back on and you go and spend money on something like this?!”). The reason why I am sharing this now is the following: your comments really carried me throughout the whole conversation. On the back of my mind I had this thought that this is not stupid, other people feel exactly the same way I do and I actually received supporting comments! So thank you again, DM and Milan, for taking the time to write these words. You really helped me out and I am extremely grateful for that.

    • Milan Says:

      One more comment. I think a mother can think about this this way: “My child was born out of me but it is not satisfied (it is suffering in this body) that I gave it”. So it gets kind of personal also for the mother. I started to think about this, because when I told my mother that I undergone this surgery, her reaction was in a way so as if she would like to appologize (maybe for not taking care of such a surgery when I was a child – I had that feeling) and she said she has to give me the money that I spent for that. Of course, I rejected that. On the other hand, I expected a negative reaction from my father, because he is kind of strange, but was positivelly surprised that it was good (he just said “OK”).

  165. Ebony Says:

    Hello there. I am very young compared to most of you commenting here on this site. I am only 12 years old and while I have intensely hated my imperfections at some point in my life, I would alwayysss learn to love myself for who i am. My favourite quote about differentiation and being unique is “if you are lucky enough to be different, never change.” I am thankful to have grown up around beautiful people who see my ears as delightful. Of course, at school, there may have been one or two comments about my ears. Nothing really judgemental or ridiculing, just people saying “you’re ears are sticking out of your hair” or maybe even “cheers big ears”. I have theoretised about all things you guys could be thinking at this point! Sure, I may not wear my hair up at school but my views in my protruding ears are proud and positive. In fact, my face wouldn’t suit me if I had any flatter ears. I have grown to love and appreciate them. Admittedly, I feel a little disappointed that some people have had otoplasty. I would comment further in the matter but I have to respect your choices and reasons for getting them operated on. Still, I wish you guys had realised how perfect you were BEFORE you had them corrected. All the time, I compare myself to celebrities and my friends. I think, “man, she looks beautiful. Why can’t I be like that? Why, out of all the possible appearances, did I have to look like this?” Although, you know what? That’s the way it is, and I wouldn’t change for anyone. Thankfully, I really resemble my parents. I have my mothers nose, my fathers cheekbones I believe, a strong jawline from my mothers side again, but strangely enough my ears are…almost random. No one in my family has big ears, but I’m glad I’m different from the crowd. In life, I try to remain unique. I love love Love being far from the normal. It’s a luxury! So my “encouraging message” is to never change yourself to fit in. You honestly don’t realise how breath taking one can be even when they are different. To be different is not shameful, very much so the opposite. If you have a distinctive feature, cherish it. So here is A tribute to my magnificent ears and everything we have been through together :) I was born with them, and I will happily die with them. Love yourself and remember, if anything, focus on being gorgeous on the inside. No matter how perfect you are on the out, it can never deter one from the ugly truth; you could be hideous morally. Live long and enjoy life guys :) thanks for listening to a mumbling 12 year old haha.
    Ebony…thank you for sharing your thoughts! :-) DM You are one wise 12 yr old! DM

  166. Ebony Says:

    Very sorry for my poor grammar, this auto correct will kill me one day :)

  167. Adam Says:

    I’ve always been teased about my big ears and as a result, made insecure about them. I always felt I would grow into them but perhaps as I was kidding myself as only I could provide myself with solace. Life went on and it never had the same psychological impact I noticed in my peers insecure about other aspects of their bodies. This was until about 3 years ago when I hit rock bottom. I think it’s maybe because you just power through it during school years but if anything, the infrequent comments make it worse, leading to the belief that everyone is thinking it even if they’re not saying it. I have never discussed it with anyone and this is the first time I’m doing so in a public forum. 3 years ago, I started wearing a hat everyday. I even do so indoors and the funny thing is, no one has ever stopped to think: Hold on, why does he never take that thing off? I grew my hair out longer but it’s curly, difficult to manage and more importantly, I want to be able to keep it short. I no longer find it possible to tak to people face on. Of course I’ve always said that I’m happy with myself but once the seed was planted, it became so difficult to climb out of this endless abyss. I just don’t know what to do. Your brother in humanity, Me.

  168. Ems Says:

    Dear Milan, Adam, DM and everyone else,
    Another update. I had my surgery 2 days ago! But first things first: my mother came around. On the one hand, I think she just needed time to process. On the other hand, I guess Milan was right – she felt guilty to some extent. The day right before the surgery she told me: “I wish you would have said before that your ears bothered you. We could have taken care of this years ago.”I just hugged her and replied: “I took care of it when I felt I was ready,” and that settled the matter.
    Still on the “tell other people” department, I have to say this is the most difficult part. As I said before, I am back home for 2 weeks and friends know I am around, so it would be kind of awkward not to meet them, not to mention rude and unfriendly. So I took baby steps: I told 2 of my closest friends the day before the surgery. They were kind of shocked/surprised, but supportive. I will tell the others soon. One thing that really helped me and a piece of advice if you are thinking of undergoing this surgery: others do not see this as bad as you do. I mean, as I said before, for me just saying the word “ears” was like taking my clothes off in public. But keep in mind that other people did not have the same experience as you did. As a consequence, for them the surgery is not a big deal and there are no insecurities related to it. Keeping this in mind really helped me to tell my friends.
    Now about the surgery itself: it is less painful than I thought. My surgery was on the 9th of October at 8 pm and lasted for 1 hour. I was sent home shortly thereafter and took a strong pain killer. The following day (ie, yesterday) I was a bit soared but still bearable. Last night/this morning was the worst, but I took another pain killer and am ok. I went to the doctor this morning to change the kind of “helmet” that they put me after surgery by a hair band, will have to wear the band for another week and next Thursday I will take the stitches off. I saw my new ears for the first time today, they are still red and slightly swollen. It is a weird feeling, since I was used to my big ears my whole life, so these do not really look like they are part of my body…but I can definitely see myself getting used to these new pretty ears . I am happy with the result and the feeling is overwhelming…it’s like a burden is taken off of you. So, if you have the same insecurities etc, and if you have the possibility – do it. I can definitely recommend it and it’s only been 2 days!

  169. Ems Says:

    One more thing: Adam, I know what you are going through. I know how it is to have your ears bother you, and more importantly I know how it is to admit that they bother you (two different problems, both equally painful). I would just like to say that people are different, they have different sensibilities and different experiences. For example, Ebony seems comfortable in her skin and from what I understood never really experienced name calling/bullying, and that is great. Others, either because of their personality or because they had worse experiences, have both problems (feeling bad about having big ears and feeling bad about admitting it). I include myself in the latter and I feel you. As I said in the post above, I can definitely recomend surgery if you have the possibility. If you don’t, however, one thing that really helped me pre-surgery was to realize that other people have or had the exact same problem. Made me feel less alone (and also less of a weirdo). Keep that in mind when you’re feeling down and hang in there.

    • Adam Says:

      Thanks so much Ems. You’re right, knowing there are people right now going through the same thing is one thing and interacting with them does help soothe the wounds somewhat. I had an haircut a few days ago and my girlfriend is getting suspicious about why I’m avoiding her. It’s become quite an entertaining game of cat and mouse (still wearing my hat of course). I have been researching surgery for about 2 years now and feel ready to take the step – I don’t understand how it’s any different to getting braces or laser eye surgery – it’s not a superficial thing – I would actually prefer if nobody even noticed if I had work done. I just want to look in the mirror, face on, without a hat on and be able to smile again. Thank you all for your input. With love, Adam.

      • David Says:

        Adam I am also been researching and thinking about getting my ears pinned back. My ears stick out so much and I just hate taking pictures because my ears just stick out so much. I totally agree with you that getting your ears pinned is not a superficial thing and its just like getting braces and I love that people didn’t notice. But unfortunately people will notice, especially people that you have known all your life. As I was doing research, I have come to find out that otoplasty is one of the most common types of plastic surgery in the country and that people do it all the time. I have also learned that Neil Patrick Harris, one of the most awesomest people of all times, also had his ears pinned. I wish you good luck on your surgery and would love to see your results.

  170. Matt Green Says:

    Hey guys. I was reading most of the comments, and i started feeling better about myself. Im a young adult who also has big ears. My dad had big ears, and so did my grandfather, but their ears seemed to turn “normal” if you would say around my age. I was so embarrassed by them.My parents LOVE short hair, so i grew up always getting made fun of. Im not going to lie, sometimes it still hurts my feelings, but i still remind myself that having big ears is just a part of life, and i’d rather have them than not have any at all. All in all, I felt better about myself over the years. Thanks. :)

  171. Amine Says:

    I have big ears too unfortunately, I suffered alot from them and im still suffering.. Im depressed, I hate taking photos I cant even look at myself in the mirror . many friends and even my own parents did laught at me serveral times .. my father called me once “you have big ears and you’re ugly…” i have no self confidence i cant approach girls because I know what they already think about me. Well i started somehow accepting who im. Its really hard to live with big ears…

  172. Jessie Says:

    I have huge ears but I’m tired of people picking on me like I try so hard but everyone just pick on me and it really hurts me! I guess they just think there perfect yea, I’m most popular girl in the school but I sure don’t pick on people because I know I don’t want anyone to pick on me but they still do one of my best friends called me Dum-Bo and she was playing around but I could of swore my heart broke it sucks to know that you have huge ears but it breaks my heart to know that others see it too! People just don’t know how hard life is for me I mess with my hair all the time just to make sure my ears don’t stick out and when someone make fun of my it makes me wanna cry, but I don’t cry at school just not my thing I just clutch my fist.

  173. Ems Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Some months have passed since my ear surgery and following up on a suggestion from the blogmeister I thought I’d share how life is now. First, the bad news: it still hurts a bit when I lay down on one side. There are some nights when I wake up because of the pain. Apparently when you have surgery there are outside scars and inner scars, and the latter can take up longer to heal (up to 1 year, the doctor said). But it is perfectly bearable. Also, as said above, it is not easy to assume your new ears vis-à-vis the people you have known forever and to whom you haven’t said anything. Nobody has told me anything yet, but I notice that some people look at my new ears in a funny way. A funny detail: I told some friends I got surgery and one of them actually told me that she never noticed that I had big ears – I guess I did a pretty good job at hiding them :)

    And now for the good news: I am loving my new life and I wear my hair up most of the time to make up for the past years when I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. It really is a confidence boost and it can make all the difference, both in your job and in your personal life. Sure, my ears are still quite big, but the fact that they are pinned back makes a huge difference. I was always kind of shy regarding dating, and now all the shyness has magically disappeared. So I stand by what I said – if you have the opportunity to do surgery, do it! It is life changing, and I can’t wait for the summer to be able to go to the beach and take a dive like any normal person! Good luck to you all!

    • carguyswife Says:

      baby im glad for you! i wish i had been smart enough to have saved up the money and gotten it done when i was still living with my parents. hind sight is 20/20 i guess. i just sincerely wish i had gotten it done when i was young, because i feel i wasted a part of my youth on the fretting and worrying over what people might think about my protruding ears. so im glad for you!! its all behind you now!!

      • Ems Says:

        That is so incredibly nice of you. THANK YOU!

      • Amine Says:

        Im really happy for you, I think you have made the best decision in your life , because its really life changing.
        I cant afford money for this opperation , so I guess I will live with my misery for ever.

        anyway good luck!

  174. Ems Says:

    Thank you, Amine. I will be rooting for you and crossing my fingers that you will have that operation some day, if that is what you also really want. Take care!

  175. dex Says:

    Hey I have the same problem as everyone on here. I had name calling and all sorts you can imagine. I am 17 male and I never noticed the problem until I started high school, that’s when it all started. I can’t even take pictures because I don’t want abuse or anything that will make me feel even worse. I thought about using the glue but it’s too late for me. I hate going out and meeting new people because I think they will just talk and laugh at me. I just avoid people and want to stay at home in my bedroom. But you see no one understands the pain we go thought unless they have the same problem. My parents had the chance to get it pinned for me and they said no and this pisses me off every time I think about it but people listen to the more time we sit around hating on our self just because we are different to others is just wasting time but don’t get me wrong I been through same. I even thought that the people who made us feel small should one day wake up feeling depressed like us and see how they would like it but the truth is we are who we are. We all been made this way and it happened for a reason we all have a purpose no matter what we look like. so because we have different features it shouldn’t stop us from achieving what we always wanted , just be your self’s guys be proud of who ever you are and excuse my language but %$#@ them bullies.

  176. Dreamer Says:

    First off, I want to say I’m so glad people still post on this forum and I hope they continue too. It’s kind of comforting to know that their are others that have gone through/do the crazy things that you also do, just to hide your ears.

    My ears aren’t only large, they protrude. Just to prove how bad it is, I measured how far they stick out: 1.5″ inches. That is massive, and it doesn’t help that I’m a very petite girl with a small face. It’s so hard to live with. They are 99% of the cause of my insecurity. I think about them 24/7. If I’m thinking about something else, I’m also thinking about them in the back of my mind. I obsess. I can FEEL them sticking out. I touch the back of them and am disgusted by the lack of fold toward my head. I can’t lay down comfortably, let my hair lay comfortably, wear it up, wear it behind my ears, I can’t even wear it down without them popping out. They’ve caused a mental disease. I want so badly to get an otoplasty and it saddens me that it basically costs the same amount as breast implants, and all an otoplasty is is a slice to the back of the ear and removal of extra cartilage.

    I’ve tried it all. Super glue, wig tape. Super glue being the most effective, but also the most painful and annoying. Like mollymnm stated above, I experienced the yellow puss-y secretions that come with the painful superglue infection. It makes your skin raw and turns to scabs. Why can’t there be an easy alternative?

    I dream about the feeling of having normal ears. The thought of a completely clear mind, one that doesn’t constantly obsess over things like “Fix your hair, your ear is poking out!” “OMG the wind is blowing, people can see my ears.” “If you lay down, he’ll see your ears.” The thought of wearing my hair in a messy bun on the beach. The thought of resting my hair behind my ear while I study. There are so many girls who take these simple things for granted. They have no idea how lucky they are.

    • anonymousgirl Says:

      that was exactly like me. exactly. my ears stuck out about 3.5cm and i had those EXACT same thoughts and those obsessive feelings. it’s almost scary but so reassuring that you’re not the only one who’s going through the same thing. otoplasty definitely has changed my life and trust me, you WILL get that feeling of a ‘completely clear mind’ and your confidence will absolutely soar. i wish you the very very best and hope you get the surgery as soon as possible!

  177. JesseJ Says:

    I have been living with the biggest ears ever created i’m sure. Not just big, but the left one on the top protrudes even further out than my right one. I am old now and probably should get over it, but i don’t. I have a huge inferiority complex, and my self esteem is always low. I never had the money to get them fixed and i grew up in a real small town. As an adult my mom told me she had always had the intentions of getting them fixed., So much for the road to hell being paved with good intentions. I don’t think anyone in my family appreciated how much torture it was to go out everyday looking like a car with the front doors wide open. If i were a teenager again I would save every penny i could earn until I got the ears fixed.. I know it would have saved a lot of pain. I am a man incidentially. I remember one time in middle school i had a girlfriend, she wanted to dump me for this other guy. All the had to do was tell me, instead she called me daddy long ears in front of everyone. That was probably 40 years ago, and it still hurts. There have been times I asked God, why me, And I don’t believe any of us are feeling sorry for ourselves. The others just dont know how it feels for us. even as an adult, on one sunny day i was driving down the road and in my rearview mirror i could see the girl riding passenger in the car was laughing and pointing at me, the driver saw me watcching and didn’t do the same. With the sun hitting me on the face I probably looked like a melon with two red large handles. I’ve been so sick of this I got major depression and have had suicidal thoughts. I still go to the shrink at the VA hosp, for other stuff too like PTSD , but have low self esteem and anxiety is a part of it. I like winter where i can wear a knit cap , no one can tell then. Thanks for listening .

    • Daniel. Says:

      Im the same. Ive never actually been completely happy! Not a day goes by without thinking about my ears, its so stressful. I could never enjoy school or college because of name calling. I have grown my hair now which makes it a little easier but I hate hiding away all the time. I also like winter too as I can wear my woolie hat and I look normal for a change! and during the winter when I have my hat on I actually feel a lot more confident. I can never have a girlfriend as I don’t think anyone would accept/go out with someone with ears like mine. Summer holidays are awful as everyone jumps in the pool and enjoys themselves swimming and I stay out of the pool because I don’t want to get my hair wet which would expose my ears! I have to wear a stupid headband under my helmet when I go out cycling which is also a pain in the summer as it gets too hot! I don’t like windy days as it blows my hair everywhere then exposes my ears. ive become more and more antisocial over the years too as its easier that way, if im not around anyone no one cant take the micky. I still go out and do things but everything is twice as difficult as it should be all the time. I think everyone just wants to be accepted and loved, but for some people like me that never happens :(

  178. Ciel Ravengrave Says:

    I have big ears and I love them! You should never feel bad about who you are. You are your own, beautiful self and you should be proud of it! People make fun of you if you’re gay or have big ears or you’re overweight, or different at all. The truth is, though, somebody will look at you for a maximum of 5 seconds that way and then get over it. After that, they’re teasing because they’re insecure.
    I think big ears are adorable, too. Love your ears! They make you unique~!

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