The White Wolf

     Johnson County Iowa 1850- A creature resembling a large  white  wolf,   said to stand  over four feet tall, with tracks as large as a lion,  had been raiding  local  farms.   It  was carrying  off 200 pound sheep  with perfect ease,  and something had to be done. 

     At one point, Jonathan Talbott caught the beast in a trap.    The creature was so powerful, it ran with the trap several miles before loosing a toe.   

     Imagine you are a farmer, you wake up in the morning  to discover something has killed another one of your  ewes    This happens off and on for several months.   

      If you’ve ever raised animals, or been attached to a  pet, then maybe, you can relate to the anger that rises up in your heart.    You get to the place where you would kill this marauder with your bare hands if  you could. which is kind of how the rest of this story shakes out  ;-)

     As I retraced Old Military Road this past Fall,  this is one of the stories dancing around in my head.

     I am starting to work on the manuscript of  my next book.   I have the title : “On The Trail Of Lyman Dillon” , and think I have the intro to the book about finished.  The next step is to organize  the rest of the book.

    As I researched early  Iowa history in preparation for my walk, I came across stories like the one about the white wolf,  the thing is, these stories are not just in once source.  You find them in old diaries, county history books, old magazine articles, etc.

     My intention in writing this book,  is for the next person who wants to retrace my steps (either on foot or in a car)   to  know what life  would have been like 150 yrs ago along Old Military Road

      The drama, excitement and suspense  I came across rivaled any movie you would see today.   The difference  is, these things really happened, right here where I live. 

     It’s  like I feel the spirits of these people crying out to be remembered…their  stories are buried in  musty out of print  books.   Their grave stones are no longer remembered.   Their  children,  grand children and great grand children are gone.

      If you have any suggestions/ questions/ or thoughts about this book project, don’t be shy.  I’d love  to hear your thoughts.

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6 Responses to “The White Wolf”

  1. clary Says:

    I am always interested on how things were compared to the way they are now, and grasping something of value to hold on to. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Joy Says:

    I too am very interested in stuff like this. I’d love to know the history of where I live now. I guess I’ve never really thought about researching this. I know all to well how predators come along and kill your animals but I do have to say, a white wolf would be awesome to see. From behind a window of course. I would love to read your book when it’s done.

  3. seriouswhimsey Says:

    This book will be for many more than just those who want to retrace the footsteps of Lyman Dillon. This is going to be a fantastic READ for anyone! Maybe there is even a movie contract lurking in the background, waiting for your book to get published! Go DM!

  4. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    I think it is tremendous that you want to document history and stories in this way. Unless we actively do this, it can almost be like those persons never existed.

  5. angie Says:

    Did anyone actually kill the beast?

  6. angie Says:

    btw: I love the picture of the white wolf….I can hear it howling in my head….well, that could be Rigg in the next room….but either way it gives me shivers up and down my spine :0)

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