Spring In The Country

I could not believe my eyes…

There they were, popping out of the grass in our orchard this past Wednesday evening.

Grey Morels….

A month early, no less…

close up of a morel I  found this week.

You’d be proud of me.

I resisted the temptation to pick them all,  and went to find my wife. :-)

It felt like we were on an Easter egg hunt, only we were looking for mushrooms.

By the time we were done, we’d found over a 100:

They may look gross to the untrained eye, but boy are they tasty :-)

They sell on craigslist around here for  $40 a pound.

In case you’re interested, here’s how I prepare them:

Cut them in 1/2  (sometimes little bugs like to hide in the hollow middle)

Then I soaked  them in salt water over night.

Rinsed them in clean water when I got ready to fry them.

Dip them in an egg wash

Then I put them in a baggy with crushed Ritz crackers and Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (shake)

Fry in real butter…



Apple Trees

There are   60  semi dwarf  apple trees on the East side of our house and another 20 on the West side…

They are in full bloom this week…

Wild bee pollinating in our orchard

Just like the rest of the plants this year, the apple trees are a month ahead of schedule.

I am gradually coming to the place where I think I may build a bee hive.

So far, the wild bees have been doing a pretty good job of pollinating the trees….

We’ll see…maybe next year.


Wild Asparagus

This morning I came across some more “edible landscape”

Wild asparagus…

Wild asparagus

I can’t stand the stuff myself, but Mrs DM loves it….


Grant Wood

My favorite Grant Wood  painting  is “Spring in the Country”

Remember American Gothic?

Yep, same guy…

Local boy too.
Turns out he was a prolific artist.

Sometime when you have a minute, Google his name and check out some of his other work.

We probably have a dozen of his prints scattered throughout our country farm house.

I feel like I’m living in the middle of that picture this week….

Several of you live in urban settings..

I know  it can be kind of stressful….

so tonight is my humble attempt @ bringing a little country to your door.

g-nite.  :-)


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4 Responses to “Spring In The Country”

  1. mandyholbert Says:

    Love the photos. Living in the country is wonderful.
    Thank you Mandy! DM

  2. Dienna Says:


    The mushrooms have an interesting pattern on them. They look like brains.
    Makes me wonder where else in the US Morel’s grow…I’m wondering if they are just a midwest mushroom DM

  3. lily2u1 Says:

    Oh what a beautiful and interesting post! So Springy! I feel like I am there, the photos are so good. I had no idea that morel mushrooms looked like that, and didn’t even know that there was such a thing as “wild” asparagus. Huh. Learn some new things every day. And we are a full month ahead of schedule with spring growth? That seems astonishing. I hope it does not aversely affect the growing season, but I suppose it might be advantageous. Sometimes the farmers around here get in some extra planting if the weather cooperates. Anyway, before I write a book here, I very much enjoyed this, DM. What gorgeous land you have!
    Almost forgot: Grant Wood has such a fanciful cheery sort of landscape style. I really like it. Many thanks, happy Easter! ~ Lily
    I read after I wrote this post that the asparagus was probably originally planted by the German Immigrants so they could have a little “taste” of home here in the new country… I never knew Grant Wood had so many paintings until we started using his work as a “theme” in our country home for decorating. DM

  4. Lisa Says:

    Lovely pics, and YUM. Enjoy spring.
    Thanks Lisa. always good to hear from you! DM

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